A series of issues, including some which are common to many companies and others which are largely distinctive to consumer product distributors, have faced Navajo Incorporated.


  • Handheld scanners and paper-based order sheets have proved cumbersome, slowing productivity and eroding morale among warehouse pickers
  • Employee turnover can be high. Onboarding and training new warehouse workers to fulfill customer orders takes days away from productive staff time
  • All the equipment employees use to fulfill orders in Navajo warehouses needs to be maintained and repaired as needed. Downtime poses a serious business risk
  • When specialized technical service is needed, bringing an out-of-town expert in can be costly and time-consuming, particularly with pandemic-related travel restrictions


Navajo has adopted several TeamViewer Frontline solutions to improve efficiency in their warehouse processes, accelerate training, and ease maintenance issues. Wirelessly connected to smart eyeglasses, the necessary information is displayed to warehouse pickers or maintenance personnel using a hands-free mode, enabling voice-controlled operations and instant collaboration.