Krones intended to further simplify access to technical support worldwide for customers, suppliers and the company‘s own employees, aiming to further optimize the support process and efficiency.


  • When problems arise, customers expect immediate, efficient support.
  • Access to support for customers and support staff had room for improvement.
  • Plant downtimes are to be avoided not only for economic reasons, but in particular because of food as a packaged good.


Ease of use and convenience together with an excellent ROI were the deciding factors for Krones to modernize Argos with TeamViewer Assist AR. The solution is now deployed across the company and is a daily tool for the approximately 200 support staff.

Michael Schuster IT Consultant Digital Services at Krones

“TeamViewer Assist AR was a real gamechanger. Thanks to the AR solution, we were able to continue supporting customers with technical challenges and maintain our service offering despite the Covid 19 crisis.”