Paid vs. free remote PC: An overview of your options

Access a partner computer from anywhere in the world using a free remote PC program.

Experience free remote PC software

Whether helping family with a computer problem or simply assisting a friend with a new project, with the right tools you can access all of the digital resources you need from a remote PC for free. This means that using TeamViewer you can directly access your family or friend’s home computer environment while located anywhere in the world, reach all of the documents saved to the machine quickly and easily, while assessing and rectifying the problem. You can even chat to them via messaging or video call, while using a single piece of software.

TeamViewer offers a unique free remote PC solution; users can try the software at home with family and friends and enjoy a host of special features for free. If living remotely, you may still want to, for example, check in with your parents and help them with their latest tech problems, or assist a friend with installing their newest smart home device. Try TeamViewer for free at home, and distance won’t get in the way of you supporting those that you care about. You might even find, that the software would be a great fit for not only private use amongst friends and family, but also for business or professional purposes.

Free PC remote options: What to look out for

If you or your business are looking for a remote control software for more corporate matters, rather than private, there are free remote PC software trials. TeamViewer, for example, offers a two-week trial, which allows users to explore a host of different features.

It is advisable to opt for a well-known and trusted solution like TeamViewer — not only for obvious security reasons, but also because it has a significant user base, providing the platform with continual feedback on bugs, errors, and security breaches.

It is even more important to check whether there is a broad user community and if the developers are still active and regularly provide updated versions.

For open source users, solid IT skills are definitely advisory, so you can tailor the program to your own requirements and ensure the level of security is up to par.

The TeamViewer free PC remote version is for private use; customers can confirm at a later date if they want to opt for the paid service with a more comprehensive range of features and tools for professional use.

The free version of the TeamViewer remote access software, operates seamlessly with a MacWindows or Linux remote desktop; it also boasts cross-compatibility, allowing users to remotely support other devices from a mobile device. Additionally, mobile to mobile support is possible with an add-on.

The free version for private use also offers the following functions, and more:

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Benefits of Using Free Remote PC Software

Instant start

No need to deliberate on the budget, arrange payment invoices, or endlessly compare pros and cons of various programs. Simply download TeamViewer, set up the free remote PC connection, and directly access your home PC from wherever you are.

No obligation

If you decide early on that you wish to test another free remote PC program or switch to another software that is a better fit, you can instantly terminate the use of your cost-free TeamViewer version without any remaining contractual obligations.

The right fit

TeamViewer’s free PC remote solution offers a wonderful opportunity to play around with various providers and interfaces to find the right fit for your needs, allowing you to tailor your remote PC tool however you like.

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