Unattended remote access: 24/7 unrestricted access

Unattended remote access software affords both internal IT departments and clients alike complete control over how and when network assets can be accessed.

An independent way of working

Although remote access software is an invaluable tool for working remotely and providing technical support, it is often necessary to perform work while a device is unattended. Unattended remote access solutions enable you to quickly and instantly set up a remote access session with devices located anywhere in the world without supervision. With cross-platform compatibility, industry-leading levels of security, and a range of features to assist with your unattended access work, TeamViewer brings great benefits for both your business and your customers.

Suitable for IT support specialists, IT departments and managed service providers alike, unattended remote access allows system admins to roll out changes to end devices regardless of their location. From computers, servers, smartphones, public displays or point of sales devices, the control and maintenance of all end devices will be at your fingertips. With unattended remote access, you can rest assured that you will provide your customers or clients with a comprehensive and reliable service they can count on.

Unattended remote access: The basics

TeamViewer’s remote access solution enables you to easily set up an unattended remote access connection, providing you with permanent log-on capabilities whenever you require.

Once the application is installed on both the host computer and the client computer intended for remote access, you will be required to enter a password for unattended access.

Next, simply add the remote computer to your partner list, and you are ready to begin an unattended remote access session. As long as the computer is connected to a power source and the internet, you can gain access from anywhere in the world.

Having gained unattended remote access to a host computer, TeamViewer allows you to customise the entire remote access process from an easy to use, centralised console. It enables users to create secure whitelists defining exactly who can start a remote session on each device, and track and log each incoming and outgoing connection.

Additionally, TeamViewer allows you to apply rules and settings to certain computers; this provides IT technicians with the flexibility to cater to the individual needs of their clients, all the while enjoying seamless unattended remote access to their customers’ computers.

Unattended remote access security concerns

As with all unattended remote access software, security should be the number one concern. With TeamViewer, you can be sure to use a solution that guarantees maximum security standards and ensures that every account, connection, and byte of data shared remains secure and confidential. Features such as end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication will help ensure that your IT infrastructure will remain uncompromised. Additionally, the previously mentioned whitelists ensure that access is granted only to authorised individuals.

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Key benefits of unattended remote access software

  • Work 24/7

    TeamViewer’s unattended remote access software is the perfect solution for global companies that work across time zones. Log onto a PC to access and use key resources without having to waste time sending and transferring files.

  • Instant support

    With permanent access to all remote devices, internal IT technicians can provide instant support wherever it is needed irrespective of whether a machine is manned or not, and therefore eliminating obstacles such as office working hours.

  • Savings

    Using TeamViewer for unattended remote access, technicians can save on transport costs by no longer needing to perform work onsite. This can also save companies in time and resources spent accommodating in-house operations.


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