IT service provider C&P Capeletti & Perl supports many small and medium-sized enterprises on their digitalization journeys. The strategy for success: carefully selected technology partners to complement the portfolio of services the company offers. When it comes to IT support for its demanding customers, most of whom are tax consultants, auditors and law firms, the company cannot compromise and relies on powerful remote access software from TeamViewer.


Before switching to TeamViewer, the technical support team at C&P used different software solutions to support customers. This meant that there was no consistent way to monitor support performance and handle requests in a uniform manner. In some cases, support experts had to switch between applications depending on the customer, which led to delays in resolving problem. Therefore, the IT service provider was looking for a new, scalable remote support solution.

This had to meet the requirements of highly reliable and high-performance remote access with high security standards in the background. A universal platform was required that could not only support PCs and notebooks, but also mobile devices used in the field.

Certain requirements had to be met, including performance, contract security and data protection.

Just as C&P sees itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner for employees, customers and suppliers, the medium-sized IT company also expects these characteristics from its technology partners. The entire CP Group , to which C&P belongs, has therefore set itself the goal of entering into partnerships exclusively with the "best in class" solutions on the market.

Matthias Erfurt Managing Director at C&P Capeletti & Perl

“Above all, availability was essential for us, as we have contracts with our own customers with binding SLAs.”


After a competitive review, C&P chose TeamViewer's leading remote access software due to the solution being easy to integrate and self-explanatory to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. As a device-independent platform, TeamViewer now enables the 30 technicians to make connections as needed, whether between PCs or mobiles or between the two.

Another practical feature is that multiple remote sessions can take place simultaneously, minimizing wait times for customers. C&P currently has a 20-channel license, allowing 20 support staff to conduct remote sessions simultaneously. Additional channels can be added as needed.


Thanks to the switch to TeamViewer, C&P has optimized its IT support and troubleshooting work processes. As a result, it successfully serves hundreds of tax consulting, auditing and law firms, as well as small and medium-sized businesses from the retail and trade sectors. As a remote maintenance tool, TeamViewer is fully integrated into the support process and offers fast response times – making it a seamless process for customers and C&P employees alike.

“TeamViewer is already well known among our customers. Often, when customers call us, they already have TeamViewer started, so we can help them immediately,” explains Matthias Erfurt. The experts at C&P provide support for complex IT problems, but also for smaller requests, such as an Excel program that won't start or setting up a new printer.

In addition to remote maintenance, C&P uses TeamViewer for remote customer training, whereby the IT service provider can address the needs of its customers individually to provide them with remote training – be it on an accounting program with DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen or on the introduction of a new document management system. This is supported by TeamViewer’s features including screen sharing, integrated meeting recordings, audio and video calls, file sharing and chat functions. Thanks to the connection quality, the connection works flawlessly even when sharing multimedia such as animated presentations or videos.

“A good remote support solution has to work flawlessly and still be easy to use. TeamViewer manages this balancing act effortlessly,” Matthias Erfurt sums up.

Matthias Erfurt Managing Director at C&P Capeletti & Perl

“TeamViewer is intuitive to use and allows us and our customers to use it without frustration. This helps our support staff get their work done faster. Satisfied employees are more motivated, which has a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers.”