Single sign-on (SSO)

Save time and effort by enabling users to access TeamViewer Tensor through your SSO provider

Enable users to log in to TeamViewer Tensor with their existing corporate SSO credentials, prevent unauthorized use of remote access, and centrally provision and deactivate user accounts through SSO.

Single sign-on gives IT more control over provisioning enterprise user accounts for TeamViewer Tensor remote access and support. By limiting access to users with corporate emails only, SSO allows you to prevent unauthorized users from ever using your enterprise remote access platform.

TeamViewer Tensor integrates with your single sign-on (SSO) identity providers, using SAML 2.0 and SCIM protocols, including Okta, Azure AD, OneLogin, Centrify, G Suite, and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).


Feature highlights

  • Centralize password control through your SSO identity service provider, so IT doesn’t have to manage passwords and password reset requests are reduced
  • Automatically apply corporate password policies and identity authentication rules to every authorized TeamViewer Tensor user
  • Efficiently offboard employees, without worrying about unauthorized backdoor access through TeamViewer
  • Apply bulk changes to different users and user groups at once
  • Improve the end user experience by allowing employees to log in to TeamViewer Tensor with the same SSO login credentials they’re already using for your corporate applications – no separate TeamViewer Tensor login with another password to remember


Use cases

  • Diverse applications: Reduce password fatigue with one strong password
  • Complex infrastructures: Simplify management and provision of accounts

Key benefits

  • Streamline

    Enable users to login seamlessly using their existing SSO credentials.

  • Compliance

    Greater security and compliance with only one set of credentials and tighter control.

  • Security

    One set of credentials means a smaller attack surface for hackers to exploit.

  • Employee satisfaction

    Enhance employee satisfaction and improve usability across your application landscape.

Frequently asked questions

By activating SSO for TeamViewer Tensor, you automatically apply corporate password policies and identity authentication rules across the entire organization. SSO also ensures that only authorized users with a corporate email account have access to TeamViewer. In the event of an employee leaving the organization, they can no longer gain access to corporate devices or data via TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Tensor supports the following identity providers:

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Centrify
  • G Suite
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

SSO allows users to login to their TeamViewer account with the same SSO credentials that they are already using for other corporate applications. That means they don’t have to remember an additional set of login credentials and the entire access experience becomes faster, seamless, and easy.

SSO is activated on a domain level. Once activated, all users with a TeamViewer account linked to an email address within the specified domain are automatically redirected to the selected identity provider.

No. The trusted devices feature is disabled automatically when you activate SSO.

Feature spotlights

TeamViewer Tensor enables enterprises to leverage the power of remote connectivity for managing and securing their device infrastructure – in both IT and OT environments.

In addition to indispensable remote access and support features, TeamViewer Tensor offers a set of features that is designed specifically to meet the needs of large organizations with greater security, compliance, and administrative requirements.

Why TeamViewer Tensor

360° security for your enterprise

Tensor is built with enterprise-grade security in mind to give you full control over every incoming and outgoing connection.

Even wider remote device support

Tensor allows remote support across all user scenarios and device types to ensure all your enterprise devices are covered.

Scale as your business expands

As your business grows, Tensor is ready to grow with you. Scale up by providing support from mobile devices to traditional PCs to IoT devices.

Governance and compliance

TeamViewer Tensor provides you with a 360° auditing and logging functionality, so you can track all activity performed on any device. This helps protect you from abusive claims and makes your business more compliant.

Classical IT and extended OT use cases

Companies that have a large digital footprint can leverage TeamViewer Tensor for both their classical IT support needs and emerging OT support for embedded devices.

Simplify and make your support experiences intuitive

Instantly add remote support and remote access capabilities to any enterprise ITSM application with the TeamViewer Integration Suite.