Controlling your PC remotely

Remote control your PC with TeamViewer remote desktop software and manage devices and programs from anywhere.

Why do you need PC remote control?

Digital work is gaining importance, especially in times when more people are working from home. However, if something goes wrong, it can be challenging for everyone to solve the issues on their own. Not everyone has the required knowledge to fix problems on their PC or smartphone, and instructing employees over the phone can be a challenge. Remote control of PCs and other devices can be a simple solution to this problem.

With the help of software, it becomes possible to control devices and servers from any distance, making it convenient to operate a PC.

What do you need to control PCs remotely?

  1. A PC or smartphone
  2. A stable internet connection 
  3. Suitable software for the remote control of PCs

Remote tools can be used to establish a connection between two PCs, which is helpful in providing assistance on computer problems as if two people were in the same place. This function is not only practical for computer problems but it is also useful to access important documents on your home laptop or work PC quickly and securely while on the move.

How to provide remote support with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a user-friendly solution that allows for remote access, control, and support. It is compatible with all operating systems and a wide range of devices, including PCs, smartphones, printers, and servers. Accessing your devices remotely is simple and easy, as if you were on site.

To control a remote PC, follow these three steps:

  1. Install the TeamViewer software on the device you’re working from.
  2. Install the TeamViewer software on the device you want to access.
  3. Start the tool and enter the ID and password of the person whose device you want to connect to.

You can then control the target PC as if you were sitting in front of it yourself.

Want to test TeamViewer?

Remote PC control

How secure is remote maintenance via TeamViewer?

The secure cloud platform for remote access and IT support offers numerous options for support and maintenance for many problems with the receiving device. You can remotely establish a connection to a company network, device or server and control it from anywhere at any time — naturally GDPR-compliant with end-to-end encrypted connections for secure and private communication.

With remote control programs, the possibilities are endless

Remote control software is a valuable tool that allows IT employees to quickly identify and fix errors in company systems without being physically present. It is also convenient for participating in workshops and video conferences, as screen views can be easily shared.

Similarly, remote control programs can assist laypersons with their computer problems from any location. For instance, grandchildren can help their grandparents with computer issues, or employees can help each other without needing phone calls or travel. The software is free for personal use and accessible to inexperienced users.

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