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TeamViewer helps to avoid 41 million tons of CO₂ emissions in a year

By making travel unnecessary​.

TeamViewer bridges distances

Since 2005, TeamViewer has been helping its users and customers get things done remotely. Whether it's providing IT support to family members or configuring industrial machines for international companies, we have long understood the importance of minimizing unnecessary travel. Less travel not only saves time and money, but also CO2 emissions. To quantify the impact of using TeamViewer software in terms of avoided travel and associated CO2 emissions, we commissioned a study.

41 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided by users and customers

The study shows that TeamViewer helped users and customers avoid between 15.6 and 44.8 million tons of CO2 emissions in 2022.​ To narrow down the savings, we calculated a realistic scenario in consultation with internal and external experts based on assumptions regarding, for example, the number of travelers or the chosen mode of transport. This results in an avoidance of around 41 million tons of CO2 in 2022.

The total amount of avoided emissions corresponds to, for example

  • approx. 42,000 flights from London to Tokyo and back in a Boeing 777-300ER
  • approx. 10 times the emissions of the waste management sector in Germany
  • the CO2 stored in approx. 147k hectares of US forest, an area approx. 25 times the size of Manhattan

Scientifically proven

Five Glaciers Consulting have based the study on a scientific approach that included an online user survey as well as expert interviews with TeamViewer customers. The study was critically reviewed by TÜV SÜD, known for their expertise in technical testing and certification, validating its scientific approach and thorough data analysis.​

TeamViewer’s ESG efforts are reviewed by renowned organizations:

#1 in the Sustainalytics ESG risk rating*

AAA score in the MSCI ESG rating

Prime Status by ISS ESG rating

*for “Enterprise & Infrastructure Software”

Doing our share by cutting emissions and investing in sustainability

TeamViewer has been powered by renewable energy since 2018 to operate its software applications and office buildings. Moreover, TeamViewer is committed to achieving net zero across its value chain, aligning with the SBTi 1.5°C by 2040 ambition — 10 years earlier than required.

To not only cut but also remove CO2 from the atmosphere, TeamViewer has invested in three different projects. The projects focus on ecosystem restoration in Indonesia, China, and India, which have resulted in the 100% removal of 2.7 tCO2e.

Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability is part of our business model and corporate culture. Our contributions and ambitions are defined within our sustainability framework named c-a-r-e, which has allowed us to have clear commitments, targets, and measures to become a more sustainable business.

Empowering our workforce

TeamViewer encourages and empowers its employees to participate in various initiatives aimed at positively impacting their communities. These include the creation of an employee-led working group focused on climate action, clean-up days at various TeamViewer office locations, and participation in tree-planting activities.