The long-standing Atlanta-area Honda dealership was suffering from tech chaos: without dedicated personnel administering IT resources, the number of computers and devices had grown to an unmanageable number, users had free rein over the type of devices and software they could use — and malware was running rampant.

With over 100 devices located throughout multiple buildings on a large property, tech support became cumbersome and time-consuming.

But the chaos was no match for the new IT manager, Michael Barron Jr., as he immediately got to work to rein in the mayhem and efficiently service the organization’s IT needs.


  • Managing 100+ dispersed devices centrally
  • Allocating IT resources and user privileges according to job functions
  • Ensuring that IT assets would be monitored and secured


Michael was familiar with TeamViewer functionality, having used the tool to efficiently assist family and friends. So, implementing TeamViewer at the dealership was a natural choice. This virtually eliminated the need to walk from building to building to each computer or device, saving a considerable amount of time and increasing productivity.

But the newly minted IT manager wanted more than simply facilitate tech support. In order to effortlessly oversee the extensive number of devices, Michael opted to implement TeamViewer Remote Management, which allows him to monitor and maintain the IT infrastructure from a single console.

With Asset Management, Michael gained clear insights about each device and its components, and as the sole IT administrator, reorganized the infrastructure to remotely run updates and implement changes for devices, software, and user permissions.

Now, everybody at the dealership benefits from TeamViewer as it helps keep systems humming, minimizing tech headaches, and maximizing time spent with customers — ultimately improving the dealership’s bottom line.

Michael Barron Jr. IT Manager at Carey Paul Honda

“I can quickly remote in and solve their problem, so there’s no downtime or lag in our customer service.”