Protect your critical resources with privileged access management tools

Privileged access management tools are the gatekeepers of your organization's most critical data. Learn how these essential tools secure sensitive information, prevent unauthorized access, and strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

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TeamViewer Tensor offers conditional as well as privileged access management (PAM) — giving you control over all the devices, users, and user groups that have permissions to access your systems and data.

Why invest in privileged access management tools?

All IT network accounts come with some level of privilege as devices, users, or user groups need access to certain programs, files, or services. Privileged accounts, such as IT administrators, system operators, developers, management, and third-party vendors, need even higher permissions, posing a greater risk of compromise or misuse.

PAM is based on the principle of least privilege, which means that users should only have the minimum level of access required to perform their tasks. Therefore, higher account privileges should only be granted when necessary and with caution, as they can easily adjust critical system resources and admin-level functions.

Three key challenges of implementing privileged access management software


Unifying multiple systems, platforms, devices, applications, and networks.


Meeting various local standards on protecting sensitive data and systems.


Users ignoring or resisting PAM policies or controls due to convenience or habit.

So, is there a simple, comprehensive way for enterprise IT security managers to maintain and manage access company-wide, reducing unauthorized access, misuse, or abuse of user accounts?

With TeamViewer Tensor, you manage and secure diverse user accounts, devices, and systems using a proven, centralized platform. Easily implement password policies, audit logs, reporting capabilities, and encryption methods to comply with regulations. And, by adding Tensor to your existing SSO, you can enhance the end-user experience and encourage commitment by allowing employees to log in using their familiar login credentials.

Privileged remote access management with TeamViewer Tensor

In addition to indispensable remote access and support features, TeamViewer Tensor offers conditional access as an add-on. This is specifically designed to meet the security, compliance, and auditability demands of large organizations with a distributed workforce. With TeamViewer Tensor, you can

  • create your own custom user roles,
  • improve flexibility and
  • standardize permission sets based on your unique needs and requirements

Conditional access through TeamViewer Tensor also enables you to enforce policies and controls to limit the scope and duration of remote user access, particularly useful when dealing with third-party or temporary workers.

Some key features of TeamViewer Tensor include:

Assign roles and permissions based on users’ job functions and responsibilities.

Role-based access control simplifies the management of privileged access by grouping users with similar needs and requirements. It also helps you enforce the principle of least privilege by granting only the necessary level of access to each role.

With built-in automated features and bulk editing capabilities for user groups and roles, TeamViewer Tensor eliminates repetitive, manual end-user management tasks.

Define remote access rules and restrict available features.

TeamViewer Tensor allows IT administrators centralized management at user, group, and device levels and granular control over all incoming and outgoing connections. You can also assign privileged access rules for specified users, with different permissions to sensitive features — such as scripts or file sharing.

Enhance the security of remote access by adding an extra layer of protection.

By integrating TeamViewer Tensor with your SSO provider, you limit access to users with corporate emails only. What’s more, corporate password policies and identity authentication rules are automatically applied to each remote user for tighter control. SSO not only enables users to login seamlessly, but one set of credentials means a smaller attack surface for hackers to exploit. TeamViewer Tensor supports:

  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Azure
  • Active Directory
  • Centrify
  • G Suite
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

Ensure passwords are strong and unique.

With password randomization and management, you can prevent users from reusing passwords across different systems or accounts.

Comply with data security protocols and compliance requirements.

If activated, capturing and storing user activity provides you with complete audit trails and evidence of remote session activity. You can maintain and prove compliance across a multitude of regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, and TISAX. Monitoring also allows you to detect and respond to suspicious or malicious behavior in real time.

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Why is PAM security important for your organization?

PAM is a vital security measure that prevents credential theft and protects your critical resources from cyberattacks. It helps you comply with regulations and to protect sensitive data and systems. Effective remote and privileged access management tools improve the productivity and efficiency of your users across the globe.

  • Security

    • Limit and control access levels to reduce the attack surface and potential damage from a breach. 
    • Grant permissions for remote sessions, file transfers, and meeting connections via a centralized management interface.
  • Compliance

    • Demonstrate that you are meeting your regulatory obligations by partially implementing PAM best practice.
    • Simplify user management: Conditional access rules that include expiration dates limit the access of third-party vendors and temporary workforce.
  • Productivity

    • Save time and resources by providing role-based access control streamlines, workflows, and processes.
    • Facilitate collaboration and communication with secure remote access and support.

TeamViewer Tensor is engineered for enterprise scalability, productivity, security, and compliance. It is trusted by large-scale corporate customers with workforces across the globe. If you want to learn more about TeamViewer Tensor or request a free trial or demo, please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions about privileged access account security and management

Privileged accounts are higher level accounts with access to critical resources and admin-level controls. They can access sensitive data, such as customer information, financial records, intellectual property, or trade secrets. They can also perform powerful actions, such as installing software, changing configurations, granting permissions, or deleting data. Therefore, privileged account management is crucial.

Firstly, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current IT accounts, access, policies, and controls. Then, choose a suitable solution such as scalable, feature-filled TeamViewer Tensor. Next, deploy systematically, starting with the most critical or vulnerable systems or accounts. Finally, review regularly, measuring effectiveness and efficiency against KPIs.

In today's digital world, organizations rely on various interconnected systems and data to run their business operations. However, these resources are also exposed to cyberthreats that can compromise their confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Cyberattacks commonly involve credential theft; the login information of users who have remote access to high-privilege functions and sensitive data is stolen, leading to data breaches, ransomware attacks, sabotage, and espionage.

Protect your critical resources with conditional access that can prevent unauthorized remote access and control.