Hero Highlight: Remote solutions for Startups

Remote connectivity for startups

Unlock scalable growth for your business

Stay flexible, reliable, and secure with remote access from TeamViewer.

Helping startups to navigate a complex remote landscape

Overcoming four key challenges to pave the way for streamlined workflows and maximum productivity.

  • Retaining top talent

    Grow with your very best people by delivering efficient onboarding, collaboration, and hybrid work resources.

  • Resource allocation

    Limited funds shouldn’t prevent IT from becoming an efficiency hub, instead of just a cost center.

  • Ensuring compliance

    Build legal and regulatory compliance into every aspect of your daily operations.

  • Cyber security

    Stay secure despite an evolving threat landscape, even with limited resources and minimal security expertise.

Try our starter kit

Talk to our dedicated startup specialists and get a curated starter kit with the products that are the most popular among all of our startup clients when purchasing any TeamViewer license:

  • Advanced monitoring

    Remote monitoring provides early recognition of problems in your IT infrastructure and warns you immediately when an issue arises.

  • Remote work package

    Take your license to the next level by allowing remote employees to access up to three devices each for seamless integration and increased productivity.

  • Augmented reality support

    Go beyond screen sharing, enabling two-way collaboration to quickly resolve issues and reduce travel costs.

The power of TeamViewer for thriving businesses

See how remote connectivity accelerates your path to expansion.


Scale with unmatched efficiency

TeamViewer supports flexible, highly agile connections that are more than capable of meeting the evolving needs of the modern startup.

Start connecting with any license in a couple of clicks, enabling fast IT support and real-time collaboration with our standard remote work package (minimal setup time or onboarding needed).


Limit costly disruptions and downtime

Ensure stable operations and continuous IT support, so you can allocate valuable resources to the ops that matter most. Plus, TeamViewer offers flexible licensing that can accommodate evolving needs, such as connecting and securing additional endpoints for new staff.


Strengthen security posture

Automatically manage and secure access as employees come and go, thanks to single sign-on (SSO) limits and conditional access. Provide continuous endpoint protection, regardless of a device’s location. Above all, stay ahead of costly breaches at all times with advanced remote monitoring, so your operations remain up and running at all times.

Training and retention

Put employees on a path to success

Ongoing labor shortages, evolving work environments — it’s not easy for startups to attract and retain talent. TeamViewer's comprehensive suite of remote IT solutions helps startups to seamlessly onboard and collaborate with new talent, regardless of location. New employees can quickly and easily connect to essential resources, training materials, and teammates from day one.

TeamViewer Assist AR makes it easy with augmented reality support for experts to train employees in real time, as if they were there in person.

Customizable solutions for startups in every stage

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

MPW Industrial Water Services saves thousands of man hours with TeamViewer

  • Seamless remote access that enhances productivity
  • Global water systems monitoring, saving time and resources
  • 45 minutes saved per training session, leading to faster program adoption

Why choose TeamViewer?


Successful startups are built on strong products and even stronger trust. Building both requires industry-leading security.


TeamViewer solutions are 100% device-agnostic, capable of supporting any device and even the most dynamic connection scenarios.


Fast speeds and premium connection quality fit for fast-paced environments.



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Beat the great resignation

Discover how TeamViewer's powerful remote access solutions can help you attract, retain, and empower your team, boosting productivity and combating the "Great Resignation."

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