This article shows you how to enable the activation e-mail for your users if you have activated Single Sign-On for your domain or want to activate Single Sign-On.

This article applies to all TeamViewer Tensor customers.

How to enable account activation emails

To enable account activation emails, please follow the instructions below:

1) Sign in at with your licensed TeamViewer account.

2) Click Admin settings and Single Sign-On.

3) Click the three dots icon (⋮) to edit the domain

4) Click Edit

5) Enable the respective toggle at Enable activation emails for the given domain.

📌 NoteSSO Accounts which are created under this Domain will or will not receive activation emails depending on this option. Newly created accounts will not receive activation emails, if this option is enabled.

6) Follow the Process to finish your Single Sign-On Setup or click the Continue button if you have set up Single Sign-On already.