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Secure and free remote access

Putting any device within your reach.

We provide secure and stable remote access to remote PCs, smartphones, servers, payment terminals and many more devices – anytime, anywhere.

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TeamViewer Remote

Remote access software

Whether you have to troubleshoot a device deployed in the field, access a work file from home, reconfigure a server, or solve a customer query, TeamViewer Remote is the only remote access solution you need. Get the access you require to get the job done — anytime and from anywhere. 

Unattended access

TeamViewer Remote supports unattended access; i.e. allowing you to access a device remotely, even if that device is not being used, and without requiring any action on the part of a remote endpoint user. 

Enabling the creation of secure whitelists, TeamViewer Remote gives you complete flexibility in defining who can initiate remote access software sessions on each device, while also enabling you to centrally log incoming and outgoing connections. From laptops to point-of-sale terminals and digital dashboards to kiosk systems, you set the rules to facilitate remote access to your entire IT estate.

IT support

Deliver a fast, effective fix for IT service issues without having to leave your desk. 

With TeamViewer Remote, when a service request is received, your IT service desk staff can connect instantly with the target device, check the problem, reconfigure the device or app remotely where possible, or escalate the request up the chain where required.  

Instigate dynamic management of service requests, boost your turnaround time, number of contacts handled, and user satisfaction, while ensuring internal resources are put to best possible use.


TeamViewer Remote offers a simple, cost-effective way to monitor, maintain, update, and optimize delocalized computers, devices, and applications

With comprehensive remote access capabilities, administrators can have direct access to all computers in the network, check speed, CPU usage and other key metrics, schedule software updates, and generate detailed up-to-date stats, reports, and diagnostics.

TeamViewer Remote enables access to and control of scattered servers and other headless devices, as well as all kinds of unattended devices such as industrial sensors, point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, and digital display points. Full, cross-platform compatibility and flexibility allows you to devise and customize the remote maintenance policy that works best for your business. It can also help to lower your costs and reliance on outsourced maintenance services. 

Secure activity

All TeamViewer Remote connections are end-to-end encrypted, effectively mitigating the risk of communications between devices being intercepted by unauthorized parties. This also facilitates the transfer of files between devices — including sensitive information — rapidly and securely.

What sets TeamViewer remote access software apart?



  • Industry-leading security. Security pioneer BitSight Security Ratings ranks TeamViewer as top 1% in the tech industry. Protecting your data and privacy is our top priority.
  • End-to-end encryption for all TeamViewer connections. No-one who shouldn’t can access your connections, data, or file transfers — not even us.
  • Secure remote sessions. The new way to connect. Create individual remote support sessions without the need to exchange passwords via phone, chat, or any other channel.
  • Connection origin detection. See where incoming connections are coming from before you start a remote session, and safeguard against malicious attacks.


Universal remote access solution

  • Access all areas. Remotely access any computer, regardless of operating system. This includes a vast range of niche business applications such as digital signage and point-of-sale running on various iterations of Android.
  • Server control made easy. TeamViewer’s remote access software facilitates access to servers and other headless devices, wherever they are based.
  • Effective support for your IoT projects. Ensure remote, secure access to automated production line equipment, sensors, monitors, and other in-the-field devices for effective control, maintenance, and big data analysis.


Performance and practicality

  • Quick and easy to deploy. A simple set-up process means TeamViewer Remote can be rolled out across multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Smooth and stable. High transmission speeds and image quality ensure a high-quality user experience. Even in environments with low internet bandwidth, TeamViewer Remote delivers stable connections and the best possible transmission quality.
  • Fast file transfer. Our compression capabilities ensure secure and rapid file transfer, even for large files.


How to set up remote access

Support any operating system and device. And with the full-featured TeamViewer Remote web client, you can access all your devices from any browser.

Windows, Mac, and Chrome

Have you ever needed to show an important document to a colleague but realized it was left on your computer at home? TeamViewer’s remote access software allows users to control another device from a distance, essentially granting you the same functionality as though you were sitting directly in front of it.


To use TeamViewer Remote on your Windows PC, laptop, iMac, or Macbook, you no longer need to download TeamViewer to your device but you can access the remote access software on any browser.


  1. Go to https://web.teamviewer.com/ through your browser on the outgoing device and sign in to your TeamViewer account. Create a remote session. 

  2. Also, open the TeamViewer client on the incoming device and follow the invite to join the session. 

  3. Begin the session on your remote device to connect and access the incoming device as if it were in front of you.


TeamViewer license holders can skip the download and connect directly from a browser. 


Read our step-by-step guide on how to work remotely with TeamViewer Remote.

Android, iOS, and Linux

Looking to remotely control your Android device from your other devices? Setting up TeamViewer’s remote access software is simple.


Access and start using TeamViewer remote access for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet (any manufacturer) by opening the web client on your browser or following the download link for your device from the website and opening up the desktop client.



  • Access TeamViewer through the web client.

  • Or click on the TeamViewer for Linux icon on the TeamViewer download page.

  • Select the download option most appropriate for your version of Linux. If in doubt, select the 64-bit DEB package.


Follow the installation and desktop session options on our Linux remote desktop session information page.

Remote access software feature highlights


Remote access for small businesses

TeamViewer Remote helps ensure that world-class remote access capabilities are enjoyed by ALL organizations, regardless of size. 

For smaller businesses, this includes giving your people the ability to work from anywhere with full access to any device, enabling you to expand your recruitment pool. With a substantially reduced need for site visits, support, and maintenance teams can do more with less, helping you deliver the type of rapid-action customer support and user experience that enables you to compete with larger players. 

These capabilities are contained within a single, cross-compatible remote access software solution, helping to keep your tech spend as low as possible.

Remote access for personal use

When individuals need to help friends and family with tech issues, device configuration, homework, checking in on elderly relatives, and more, TeamViewer Remote ensures that geographic distance is no barrier. 

TeamViewer Remote also enables reliable remote access to your crypto mining rig whenever and wherever you want, allowing you to maintain control of all aspects of rig management remotely, including performance monitoring, cooling fan configuration, and server maintenance.

Installing TeamViewer Remote is free. Once you’re connected, you can see instantly what’s happening on the other person’s screen, offer tips, remotely control the computer, and deliver a fix.

Remote access for digital nomad workers

With TeamViewer Remote, nomadic working finally becomes a practical reality — and without the need for VPNs. 

The solution ensures that employees can work from anywhere, with full access to any device. Remote workers can gain secure access to all files, applications, desktops, servers, and other devices to maintain productivity and ensure ease of collaboration. Meanwhile, fine-grained permissions and robust authentication ensure you stay in control of who has access to what: the ultimate remote access solution. 

Remote access for industrial production

TeamViewer offers the device access, control, and maintenance capabilities you need to manage your industry 4.0 and smart production initiatives. 

Cross-platform compatibility gives you remote access to all devices across the production pipeline - e.g. plant sensors, monitors, and robotics equipment - as well as elements scattered across the wider supply chain (e.g. embedded warehouse technology and fleet vehicle trackers). Connect and remotely control your entire system, and fine-tune individual devices. Gather data, reconfigure devices remotely with just a few clicks, and optimize performance across the entire production pipeline. 

Remote access for large companies

TeamViewer Tensor is a single platform specifically designed to meet the entire remote access needs of growing, always-on enterprises.

Access, support, and manage any device and any employee across the globe, including devices embedded across the production line and supply chain. Achieve all of this while ensuring the highest levels of governance, including logging all user actions for auditability, and simplified license sharing and management for standardized usage of TeamViewer Tensor across all arms of the enterprise.



Customer success

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Remote access software refers to technology that allows you to connect to a computer, other types of device or networks from a different physical location. 

There are various ways to establish remote access. This includes vendor-tied solutions (Microsoft Remote Desktop, for instance) that enable connections between certain devices using specific operating systems. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is another option. This type of program establishes a secure tunnel between devices across the internet, but can be expensive and time-consuming to use when you have large numbers of devices in play. 

TeamViewer Remote is a secure, fully cross-compatible solution giving you remote access to any device, from any device, wherever you are, whatever the make, model, or operating system – for less cost and without the hassle of VPNs.

A remote access code is a password or series of digits that a user enters to gain access to a remote device or network. 

TeamViewer Remote offers a number of connection methods, allowing you to determine when, how, and if access codes are required (depending on your security preferences and the type of devices you are trying to gain access to). These are as follows: 

  • Easy access. This allows you access to a remote device without entering a code (useful for unattended devices). 

  • Personal password. 

  • Random password. TeamViewer Remote generates a random password. Once this is supplied to a remote party, they can access your device. As soon as the random password changes, the person can no longer access your device. 

  • One-time password. The user granting access uses TeamViewer Remote to generate a one-time password that will only be valid for one incoming access connection.

For remote access to a server and similar unattended devices, you would generally use TeamViewer’s easy access feature. This can only be used through a TeamViewer account, through which authorization is secured through two-factor authentication. 

Additional access controls can be applied through the TeamViewer Remote trusted devices feature, which requires an administrator to authorize new devices on which you sign in to your TeamViewer (Classic) account for the first time.

When it comes to remote access, TeamViewer Remote is a top choice. You can seamlessly access computers, devices, data, and applications from anywhere, empowering you to stay connected on the go or from your smartphone. You’ll also benefit from industry-leading features such as secure end-to-end encryption, compatibility across multiple platforms and operating systems, and reliable connections. Whether you need to remotely manage commercial equipment, optimize industry processes, or enhance IT support, TeamViewer Remote has you covered.

With TeamViewer Remote, you can easily access another computer over the internet. 

Connect to TeamViewer through your browser by using the web client. Sign into your TeamViewer account and create a remote session link.

Share this session link with your recipient. Once clicking on the link, they will be taken directly to the QuickSupport app or the QuickSupport app is downloaded automatically if it is not already installed.

Begin the session to establish a connection between the two computers, and remotely access the incoming device. Once connected, you can remotely control the remote computer’s desktop, access files and applications, and perform tasks as if you were physically present.