AbilityNet is a UK charity helping disabled adults and children to use computers and the internet to change their lives at work, at home and in education. Having grown out of IBM in the last 1980s, today the leading IT Accessibility charity helps thousands of people every year – never more so than during Covid-19.

A nationwide network of more than 350 Tech volunteers throughout the UK are on hand to offer phone and remote support for groups and individuals. As well as diagnozing and fixing most computer related problems, the tech volunteers can help with sending and receiving emails, using the internet, installing new hardware and software and giving impartial advice on IT equipment and software. Apart from the restrictions that existed in the course of Covid-19, the charity offers also free home visits. Particularly in this difficult time of numerous restrictions, AbilityNet was looking for a way to support people seeking computer help.


  • Offer phone and remote support for groups and individuals
  • Fix computer problems and help with installing hardware and software
  • Offer support with sending and receiving emails


Using remote access software TeamViewer, even during the restrictions caused by Covid-19, AbilityNet volunteers continued to support older and disabled people at home – without losing the personal touch. People who‘ve received help from AbilityNet Tech volunteers feel less isolated, more confident and more able to do new things using their tech.

Chris Grant Community Relationship Officer (North), AbilityNet

“TeamViewer has allowed us to support people remotely across the UK very promptly and due to Covid we had to suspend our volunteer visits which made the purchase of TeamViewer important to allow us to continue to deliver a vital service.”