3 thg 9, 2020

Streamline collaboration and support with TeamViewer for Microsoft Teams

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  • This article is part of a series featuring prebuilt TeamViewer integrations with popular collaboration, mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), customer relationship management (CRM), IT service management (ITSM), and help desk solutions.

    For many organizations, Microsoft Teams has become the de facto collaboration tool. It combines chat, voice, video, and screen sharing into one tool that may already be installed on any machine running Windows 10 or using the Microsoft Office suite of productivity applications. The barrier to entry is low and organizations are coming up with fresh ways to streamline their processes every day using Teams.

    The TeamViewer integration with Microsoft Teams brings world-class remote control and support to collaboration workflows with just a few clicks.

    Industry Spotlight: Energy & Utilities

    The support team of a large utility company was forced to start working remotely. They started using Microsoft Teams to collaborate, seek help from each other, and escalate cases to dedicated experts. If a technician in the field needed help either with their mobile device or a customer’s hardware, the team used TeamViewer to remotely control the device rather than relay instructions over the phone.

    What’s possible

    When TeamViewer is integrated with MS Teams, you can connect to someone else’s computer through chats or channels. This allows you to provide support to customers or colleagues remotely, initiating remote connections without leaving the Teams environment. You can even control their computer as if you were the primary user.

    With TeamViewer Pilot, our augmented reality support solution, you can use AR to help someone working out in the field directly from MS Teams. With a smartphone or smart glasses, the person providing support can see what the customer or field technician is seeing and help them accomplish tasks step-by-step through visual markers and text annotations — all from a Teams chat screen.

    These capabilities can also enhance collaboration within MS Teams by offering the members of a chat channel direct access to a demo or other shared environment to help develop solutions or work out bugs.

    Industry Spotlight: Services

    In an MS Teams channel, a Level 1 technician described a customer problem that sounded like it may be a wiring issue within the house. The field technician was unfamiliar with that sort of work. The Level I technician incorporated a TeamViewer Pilot connection within the chat when escalating the problem to an expert. With a single click, the expert then used Pilot to see what the field technician saw via their mobile device and guided the technician through the necessary work with visual markers and text annotations.

    How it works

    A user can create a TeamViewer Remote Support or AR connection request directly in the message composition field within Teams. They then send that request to a colleague or support technician through a private chat or Teams channel discussion.

    Users can also start a TeamViewer connection request by mentioning the TeamViewer chatbot “@TeamViewer” in the Compose field from any Teams screen.

    To keep track of all support requests and TeamViewer activity within MS Teams, we’ve also developed a dedicated dashboard tab available within Teams to easily view active connections, connection history, and configuration settings for anyone using the integration.

    Industry Spotlight: Technical Support

    A staff member from the support team was promoted to Level 2/3 status, pending some training on the company’s powerful demo server. Unfortunately, the promoted employee is still working from home with an underpowered laptop. The employee’s trainer sent them a TeamViewer connection to the demo environment through their ongoing MS Teams chat. Now the promoted employee can work alongside the trainer on a powerful computer as if they were right there.

    TeamViewer makes Teams better

    The use cases for the TeamViewer integration with Microsoft Teams are broad, from help desk support to groups of engineers collaborating with a more powerful remote computer, to technicians out in the field using MS Teams to reach out for help and receiving augmented reality enhanced support through TeamViewer Pilot.

    As Teams becomes even more critical to how groups get things done, remotely or otherwise, TeamViewer can help bring remote control capabilities to the platform that can increase productivity, improve support accuracy, and enhance team collaboration.

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