Securing processes in manufacturing

Connecting people and tech to realize the full potential of Factory 4.0

From remote troubleshooting to ensuring seamless supply chain collaboration and dynamic frontline support, TeamViewer excels in optimizing manufacturing operations and maintaining production timelines.

Remote connectivity in the factory floor

Expand and grow your manufacturing capabilities with quality assurance and full IT support

We advance the production industry — for internal stakeholders, executives, and your workforce

  • Onboard and upskill employees with ease

    TeamViewer Frontline’s xMake solution places dynamic instructions into an employee’s field of vision with smart glasses or displays them on mobile devices. New starters will receive direct information while working on tasks, guiding them to become familiar with different manufacturing processes. Create a supportive internal infrastructure and an independent, hands-on learning process.

  • Complete access with always-on production

    With TeamViewer Tensor, access and management of devices across the manufacturing business is comprehensive and independent of location and time. Including unattended, headless, and inaccessible devices, IT support can gain access and control to any endpoint in an instant.

  • Ensuring fewer errors

    Combining TeamViewer Frontline’s manufacturing solution with cameras and sensors integrated into smart glasses or mobile devices guarantees quality assurance integrated from the beginning of the manufacturing process. If an error occurs, the just-in-time expertise (JITE) remote support feature reduces downtime by providing expert support whenever and wherever needed.

  • Securing all infrastructure

    Manufacturing is a prime target for cyber threats. With top security certifications such as TISAX and ISO/IEC 27001 as well as a top 1% BitSight Security Rating, TeamViewer’s solutions ensure sessions, communications, and data are protected.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Hands-free support to streamline even the most complex production processes
  • Hyper-relevant visual guidance for faster employee training
  • Full remote control capabilities for IT and OT maintenance with fewer site visits
  • A complete remote desktop experience to keep remote and hybrid workers productive
  • Industry-leading security to safeguard operations and protect your data

With its versatile features, TeamViewer enables manufacturers to streamline production processes and ensure timely product deliveries.

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Smooth onboarding and upskilling processes

When new frontline employees have to leaf through workplace manuals or find a supervisor each time they have a query, it’s frustrating for them — and wasteful for your business. Continued skills shortages across the manufacturing sector strengthen the business case for making your recruitment and onboarding process as efficient as possible. 

TeamViewer Frontline's guided hands-free support tools enable faster onboarding, as well as help existing employees get easily familiar with new assembly workflows.

Supporting Factory 4.0

Digital transformation across the manufacturing sector is an ongoing process. The addition of new robotics elements, ambient sensors, performance monitoring tools, and servers to support them — all add up to an increasingly complex tech stack to manage and maintain. 

Comprehensive remote access and control capabilities should make it easier to maintain, update, and configure all endpoints from a distance, thereby reducing the need for IT callouts while minimizing operational downtime.

Ensuring production quality

Product recalls and rectification translate directly into lost revenue. When it comes to quality, the expectations of internal stakeholders, retail partners, and customers are as demanding as ever — accompanied by pressure to keep costs as low as possible.  

TeamViewer Frontline solutions enable you to enact the highest levels of quality assurance, including the ability to visualize each step in the assembly process, leverage integrated documentation and quality assurance steps, and to guide frontline employees to ensure processes remain strictly on spec.

Staying on schedule

Supply chain disruption looks set to be a continuing feature of the manufacturing landscape. Issues include fluctuating exchange rates and costs, labor shortages, interruptions in the movement of input materials, as well as shifts in customer demand. 

TeamViewer solutions help you to connect with any device or individual across your supply chain in real time, to visualize potential bottlenecks, quickly put in place workarounds, and adjust timings and costings where needed.

Enabling remote work

For a wide range of manufacturing roles including product development, customer support, finance professionals, and executives, remote or hybrid working models are an attractive option. However, if productivity levels are to be maintained, remote employees need access to the same assets they would ordinarily use in the office — wherever they happen to be. 

Comprehensive and secure remote desktop and remote control capabilities should allow you to access key software platforms, files, and equipment from anywhere.

Maintaining your security stance

Manufacturing remains a prime target for cyber threat actors motivated by financial gain, commercial disruption, or both. Businesses should ensure that remote access sessions, communications, and data transfer between people and devices across the supply chain do not increase the likelihood of cyber attacks or data breaches. 

Access controls, authentication measures, and enterprise-grade encryption are all essential to maintaining your security stance.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Minimized machinery downtime, efficient transfer of design blueprints, and a more connected global production chain — these are the tangible benefits manufacturers gain through TeamViewer's platform.

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TeamViewer Tensor for manufacturing: Streamlined access to every link in your value chain

Frictionless collaboration across your manufacturing supply chain

Digitalized manufacturing means your support center has to be more agile and responsive in the event of a disruption. They need a secure remote connectivity solution that ensures access and control of machines on the factory floor without the need for sending technicians on-site. Save precious time, effort, and costs by modernizing your support center with TeamViewer Tensor.

Full visibility over production and a quick fix from anywhere

With TeamViewer Tensor, it isn’t just frontline employees who benefit from augmented reality for support. Using see-what-I-see technology on remote access and control solutions, all employees — from the assembly line through to office-based staff — can tap into expert support. Use 3D markers, annotations, video, chat, and more to communicate answers to problems.

Easier infrastructure management for always-on production lines

From specialist IoT and robotics equipment to the laptops being used by remote workers, TeamViewer Tensor is a comprehensive remote connectivity solution for accessing, managing, and controlling devices right across your digitalized value chain. Technical teams can gain access to designated devices or endpoints in an instant — including unattended and headless devices. View problems, reconfigure devices, and remedy faults with full remote control capabilities.

TeamViewer Frontline for manufacturing

A smart factory strategy demands a new approach to employee support. TeamViewer Frontline offers manufacturing-focused productivity solutions that put the latest wearable and mobile computing technology to work where it’s needed most — streamlining support and training, boosting output, and enhancing quality.

Supercharging production and supporting your people

xMake facilitates quicker, contextual employee training and familiarization with new procedures when combined with smart glasses or mobile devices. Dynamic visual instructions are delivered directly into employees’ fields of vision, and voice commands enable employees to access information while still working on tasks. With the integrated quality assurance and remote support functions, this solution encourages higher productivity which matches even your most complex assembly processes.

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Frontline employees can get expert help in an instant with Frontline xAssist via their smart glasses or mobile devices. Your technicians can fix production line malfunctions quickly to keep your schedules on target and by sharing visually what they see with a remote expert to reduce the need for site visits. Or they can use step-by-step instructions that serve as a self-service troubleshooting feature driven by AR. Frontline provides an increased scope for centralizing and streamlining your technical support and reducing costs.

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Across the manufacturing infrastructure, you can put augmented reality to work to optimize your intralogistics, for processes such as components inventory management, incoming and outgoing goods, sequencing, and kitting with xPick. Frontline’s vision picking solution is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement game changer that allows your team to visualize logistics processes on wearable devices — hands-free. Visual instructions and step-by-step guidance appear on smart glasses or other wearable devices for fewer errors and an integrated two-way communication means employees get instant help if needed. Frontline’s solution is fully adaptable to match your specific inventory processes.

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Customer success

Why choose TeamViewer?

Supporting security best practice

There's a reason why TeamViewer is a trusted remote access solution. Fine-grained conditional access controls, trusted device checks, two-factor authentication, and top-tier 256-bit AES encryption — these and other enterprise-grade security features ensure that your connections, communications, file transfers, and operations are in the safest possible hands.

Built around your manufacturing processes

Flexibility is a byword across all TeamViewer remote access and AR solutions. When production line processes need to change, you can quickly reconfigure or create new 3D mixed reality work instructions to match them. As well as being device-agnostic, TeamViewer is also fully interoperable with all your existing enterprise platforms.

Reliable performance for maximum productivity

Round-the-clock production demands 24/7 connectivity. With TeamViewer, you can rely on fast transfer speeds, high image quality, and extensive hardware support for enterprise-grade wearables, and stationary or mobile devices. It’s everything you need for reliable, interruption-free connectivity to keep business-critical production on schedule.