TeamViewer for Apple Vision Pro

Enter a new era of remote support

User interface overview of remote support for coffee machines with Apple Vision Pro

Dive into immersive troubleshooting

TeamViewer is transporting the shop floor to the expert’s office with TeamViewer Spatial Support, the new solution for Apple Vision Pro. With spatial computing and industry-proven remote connectivity, remote support is now more immersive than ever.

  • Speed up your time to resolution by creating detailed 3D models of equipment in the field
  • Solve even the most complex issues through easy interactive guidance
  • Boost efficiency and reduce travel with seamless remote interaction

At the forefront of innovation

Remote support is in TeamViewer’s DNA. The latest spatial computing technology takes it to the next level. Enter a new era of after-sales support and enhance your support efficiency today.

Spatial Support builds on TeamViewer’s deep understanding of operational technology. With its industrial augmented reality (AR) platform, TeamViewer Frontline, and strategic partnerships with industry giants like SAP, Microsoft, and Siemens, TeamViewer has acquired substantial experience in the operational technology space.

Revolutionizing troubleshooting and repairs

Visualization of resolving issues with TeamViewer, Apple Vision Pro and iPhone AR capabilities

An issue requires external expertise.​

Spatial Support transports the shop floor to the expert’s office.​

The expert provides seamless support like never before.​

They dive in and solve the issue in no time.​

Issue solved!

Enter a new era of remote support — help customers faster with precise visual guidance

From concept to reality

TeamViewer Spatial Support was designed with a single goal in mind — to help you support others in the best possible way.

We chose to combine the new spatial computing technology with what we do best — remote support. The result speaks for itself. Step into a 3D scan of a machine, look around, and see the most minute details with TeamViewer Spatial Support.

See TeamViewer in action: After-sales service at Cimbali Group

Professional coffee machine manufacturer Cimbali Group has partnered with TeamViewer to boost service efficiency and minimize machine downtime. With remote access to the coffee machine’s system and AR-enhanced video calls, Cimbali Group technicians can help customers as if they were on site.

Mike Moore Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro in 02/2024

“TeamViewer may be more of a common presence in remote IT support and updates, but the company is making a pitch to go a significant step further with the launch of its TeamViewer Spatial Support app for Apple Vision Pro.”

Experience immersive remote support and solve complex issues in no time​