Cloud backup: Recovery that you and your customers can count on

Deployed and activated remotely with just a few clicks, your own and your customers’ data is instantly stored in the cloud, protected by the highest security standards

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TeamViewer — the reliable, secure remote access and backup application

With over 2.5 billion connected devices, TeamViewer is one of the most trusted access, support, and remote backup software solutions around the world. TeamViewer Backup features simple, hassle-free, and reliable endpoint data protection. Corporate IT teams and managed service providers across the world rely on TeamViewer’s backup management software to automatically save business-critical data safely and securely. And should disaster strike, data can be quickly restored remotely from anywhere and at any time.

What is cloud backup?

Cyber threats, technical failures, and human error all have the potential to bring your critical activities to a standstill. You can’t make these risks disappear, but you can take steps to minimize disruption and stay up and running. The right backup and recovery tools are essential for true business resiliency. Cloud backup, also known as online backup or remote backup copies, compresses, and encrypts files from your systems and devices and then stores these files on remote servers. If your live data becomes unavailable, you can access and restore recent versions, helping get you back to business as quickly as possible.

  • Restore remotely

    With TeamViewer Backup, your data is always available, regardless of your location. You can restore backups remotely using the central TeamViewer Backup dashboard, with the choice of restoring an entire backup or just specific files. The dashboard also allows you to browse backups and run a recovery at file level.

  • Easy deployment for dispersed employees and large infrastructures

    Like any new technology deployment, rolling out a backup solution can be a complex task. It often requires the IT team to run from desk to desk, and sometimes even travel to multiple sites. With TeamViewer Backup it’s different. Our backup solution works seamlessly with your existing TeamViewer infrastructure, and can be installed, configured, and deployed across all endpoints remotely. The result? You have a comprehensive backup solution up and running across the entire organization — all completed from the comfort of your desk.

  • Ensure high security

    TeamViewer Backup builds upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is secure, and that backup and restore capabilities are always at your fingertips — whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Avoid duplication

    TeamViewer users benefit from automatic deduplication at file level. The solution automatically recognizes which files have been altered since the last backup cycle and will only transfer the altered data. The end result is a fast and efficient backup process, with minimal impact on system performance.

  • Streamline operations

    With TeamViewer, you can see and control everything through a single interface. View and manage all your devices centrally from the TeamViewer Backup dashboard in the TeamViewer management console. Access your browser-based dashboard from anywhere to check on the status of backups, set and adjust policies, initiate new backups, restore old ones, and much more — all from a single point.

  • Get instant system notifications

    Occasionally, the backup process can be interrupted; for instance, by an internet outage, a frozen endpoint, or a user accidentally powering down their computer. In the event of an interruption, TeamViewer will send a failed backup email alert to you or a nominated administrator. Log in to your TeamViewer management console to check the problem and address it instantly.

What do you need to back up? 

An effective backup strategy involves assessing all categories of data within your business and deciding how often different categories should be updated. Some data may need to be backed up on an ongoing basis. Other categories can be backed up periodically. 

Categories of data that require special attention (and frequent backup) may include the following: 

  • Customer transaction records 

  • Updated customer information files 

  • Accounts (e.g. invoicing, billing, receivables, and payables) 

  • Corporate communications 

  • Live project files 

  • HR/payroll information 

The beauty of TeamViewer Backup is its flexibility. You can create a backup policy that reflects your company’s preferred way of working, specific operating environment, regulatory obligations, and vulnerabilities. Through the TeamViewer management console, you can then roll out this policy across the entire IT estate, specify the timing of backups and the categories of files to include and exclude. You can also monitor adherence, and intervene remotely if needed. 

Cloud backup for healthcare

When it comes to the safety of your patients, nothing should be left to chance. Secure, ultra-reliable cloud backup is one of many TeamViewer remote solutions for healthcare providers. Tailor your solution to ensure the continuous availability of critical systems, preventing disruptions to patient care, medical procedures, and other time-sensitive operations. Powered by AWS and deploying military-grade security measures, TeamViewer Backup also supports full adherence to all relevant data protection and other compliance requirements. 

Cloud backup for IT support

Deploy TeamViewer Backup as part of a full suite of TeamViewer solutions for IT support providers. The solution lets you implement comprehensive, remotely managed backup strategies across all elements of your IT estate, including unattended devices, such as servers, POS units, and industrial machinery. Monitor user compliance, instantly connect with users and their devices to answer backup-related queries, and roll out changes to your backup policy when needed — without the need for on-site visits!

Cloud backup for manufacturing

In manufacturing, where you need to manage always-on and tightly synchronized processes, a clunky or haphazard approach to backups can result in costly operational downtime. As part of a range of solutions for manufacturers, TeamViewer’s highly customizable design allows you to develop a backup process that’s fully compatible with the technologies you have in place, and with your unique production demands. Remote connectivity and remote control capabilities also mean that technicians can instantly take action if a back-up issue arises.

Cloud backup for digital nomads

Ideal for collaboration, consultancy, and project work, TeamViewer Remote gives you the access you need to get the job done — anytime, anywhere. Combine this with TeamViewer Backup, and working from anywhere comes with the reassurance that, if the worst happens, a recently saved version of your files is safely stored. 


Cloud backup for personal use

From your ongoing side projects to those cherished holiday snapshots, TeamViewer Backup gives you a quick and easy way to protect what’s most important. Choose exactly what you want to back up (and when). If something goes wrong and you need to restore, your assets are just a few clicks away.

What is a cloud-based solution? 

A ‘cloud-based solution’ refers to software products, storage solutions, computer networks, or other computing resources that you access and use over the internet. Instead of being installed on your local machines, the solution is hosted and managed on the solution provider’s cloud computing framework, and it is usually accessed via a web browser.

What sets apart TeamViewer’s solution for cloud backup?

In particular, all communication between client and backup servers takes place via secured and encrypted channels.

Prioritization and considered selection of files help you balance the need for effective protection with the demand for unimpeded system performance. TeamViewer Backup gives you the option to specify the level of backup and the categories of files you want to include or exclude in any procedure, reducing the time needed for backup completion.

TeamViewer Backup allows you to deliver on your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), giving you the option to configure backups to run automatically in cycles while offering a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of as low as 30 minutes. Schedule your backup to run on specific days and times to minimize disruption.

No problem. With TeamViewer, you can limit the throughput of traffic sent to the backup servers by selecting the maximum bandwidth and the timeframe during which the throttling applies. This means the cloud backup process will be complete without affecting user performance.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

  • Ease of access

    The beauty of cloud computing is that when you need to get a job done, you’re no longer tied to the computers or servers where your software is installed. Cloud applications (including TeamViewer) are accessible from any device with an internet connection, enabling you to work from anywhere.

  • Maintenance and management

    With cloud-based solutions, it’s usually the solution providers who are responsible for maintaining, updating, and patching the product. This means you’ll always have access to the latest features and security enhancements and there’s much less of a maintenance burden on your internal IT teams.

  • Rapid deployment

    As long as you have an internet connection, you can use cloud-based solutions right away. Cloud software can be deployed quickly by employees and customers alike, without having to worry about complicated installation processes.

  • Cost

    Almost all cloud-based solutions operate on a subscription-based model. The major benefit of this is predictability: you know exactly how much your solution costs are going to be each month — and you won’t be hit with unexpected expenses linked to updates or maintenance.

  • Scalability

    Are you opening a new branch or sales channel? Do you intend to expand your existing initiatives to a large group of users? No problem! The best cloud-based solutions (TeamViewer included) are both flexible and scalable, allowing you to adjust your usage and subscription plans when your requirements change.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The most effective, convenient, and secure way to back up a computer is to use a dedicated solution like TeamViewer Backup. Key features include support for automated backups without the need for manual intervention, incremental backup to reduce the time and resources required for each backup exercise, and robust data encryption to ensure your data is secure during the backup process.

Cloud sync services ensure that whenever any cloud-based file, folder or directory is modified by a user, those local changes are saved in real time and fed through to all devices and users. Cloud sync ensures you can access data in the cloud from any location and with any device, without the risk of versioning errors. 

In contrast, cloud backup serves a different purpose: it sends a copy of your data to a cloud-based server to safeguard it against loss.

Cloud backup is important to protect your files and data against unforeseen events, such as cyberattacks, device malfunction, or user error.

With TeamViewer, a phone backup can be configured, scheduled, and executed in just a few clicks. Go to ‘Backup’ in your user menu. Here you can specify which files to include or exclude in your backup. Next, select your backup cycle and schedule either a one-off backup or a backup that reoccurs automatically at specific times.

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TeamViewer Backup is a flexible, scalable solution that grows with your organization. By defining individual policies, you can customize your remote backup to meet the needs of your business. Call us today to find out how TeamViewer Backup can support your automated backup management.