Operational technology (OT) for all industries

Support redefined. Rethink support, access, and AR-based workflows.

From coffee machines at the office to brewery equipment a continent away. To be productive on-site, you need to have the right solutions at the right time to support you.

You need TeamViewer.

Our solutions

TeamViewer offers you much more than just monitoring and managing PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

With TeamViewer Tensor, you can work more productively while maintaining any IoT, embedded devices operating at the edge of the enterprise.

With Frontline you can tap into the latest wearable tech and AR and allow your workers to be more productive on-site.

TeamViewer Tensor

Embedded, headless, and IoT devices are a management pain: From simple updates to severe issues, your technician needs to go on-site to fix even the smallest of problems. Until now.

TeamViewer Tensor: your connection to anything

Maintain, repair, and operate your devices

Enter TeamViewer Tensor: Our enterprise-grade version of TeamViewer lets you access, update, and fix your tech or commercial equipment running on anything from Android or Linux distros to Windows 10 IoT for embedded devices.

TeamViewer Tensor benefits

15% reduction in travel costs

and +20% efficiency at coffee maker Cimbali using Tensor

25% time savings

at GlobalFoundries using Frontline xPick

99.99% accuracy

picking at Coca-Cola HBC’s warehouse using Frontline

TeamViewer Frontline

Whether they are in the warehouse, at the assembly line, or in the repair shop, your on-site workforce relies on manual processes, outdated tech, and even paper instructions to get things done. And when things break, painful phone calls or on-site visits are mandatory. Until now.

TeamViewer Frontline: Breaks down barriers

Boost productivity with AR

TeamViewer provides workers with software solutions that run on modern wearables like smart glasses as well as mobile devices. These devices can allow on-site workers to see instructions in their field view and or remote engineers see an engine at a dealership's garage and guide the on-site technician as if they were there. It all happens using augmented reality running on smart glasses. Frontline helps your workforce fix issues, improve quality, and cut costs.

TeamViewer Frontline benefits

Why TeamViewer

Enterprise-grade security

TeamViewer is secured by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and other industry-grade security features, such as conditional access, SSO, and much more.


TeamViewer leaves the competition behind covering the highest combined total of 127 manufacturers for mobile devices, operating systems, and embedded devices on the market today.

Best performance

TeamViewer’s global access network will provide you with the best possible connection, so you can enjoy immersive remote access and support sessions with fast transfer speeds and high image quality.

Certified excellence

TeamViewer goes to great lengths ensuring best-in-class security and privacy for millions of users worldwide.