Armenian Software turned to TeamViewer for remote support as it needed to address this rising demand without wanting to compromise on service quality. Since implementing TeamViewer, Armenian Software has not looked back and now considers it one of the most effective financial investments the business has made in the past decade.


  • Managing demands and queries from an expanding customer base without compromising on service quality
  • Finding a solution that could help the organization scale in line with its growing customer base, so the business could also focus on keeping one step ahead of its competitors
  • Using a solution that could help customers communicate challenges and technicians demonstrate solutions


In 2010, Armenian Software chose TeamViewer Remote Support for its leading reputation and position in the market. Many customers already had the free version of TeamViewer installed, and wider access to customers through the internet made a remote solution an appealing investment for the expansion of the organization. TeamViewer has now been a trusted partner of Armenian Software for more than a decade.

Georgi Avetisyan System Administrator, Armenian Software

“We implemented TeamViewer back in 2010 and have not looked back. TeamViewer has become an integral asset to our customer support team, enabling us to maximize efficiencies, keep up with customer demands, and strengthen both customer and employee satisfaction. Without it, Armenian Software would not be the leading organization that it is today.”