May 15, 2023

How to help your workforce avoid technostress with one simple solution

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  • Technostress and staff churn. Mass inefficiency and rising costs. Security breaches and cybercrime. In recent years, businesses across the globe have faced each of these issues. In this piece we investigate what is the cause of these business-draining challenges and, more importantly, what is the solution. [By Minenur Yenen]

    Beat inefficiency once and for all

    If you don’t review and optimize applications and processes occasionally, both software bloat and process bloat can occur.  Software bloat takes place when you are using multiple applications of the same functions and process bloat is the adherence to unnecessary ways of working. Both can severely slow your business down as well as result in a laundry list of problems such as increased costs, reduced security, and less productivity

    A unified solution, such as the all-new TeamViewer Remote integrates many powerful features in a central space with single sign-on. The interface is designed to streamline operations, making employees more efficient. The platform also includes a powerful asset management solution, patch management, endpoint protection and remote access and control, all of which have the ability to integrate with existing systems.

    Make security your top priority

    Oftentimes software applications force users to choose between security and convenience. This trade-off can arise because implementing stronger security measures can make an application more complex, less user-friendly, or less efficient.

    For example, to keep cyber criminals at bay, an über-secure system may require users to choose strong, unique passwords that change every 30 days. But strong, unique passwords are tricky to remember, particularly if they are subject to change.

    We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice convenience for security. That’s why TeamViewer Remote was built according to the philosophy of secure by design. It’s a simple concept: make security a core part of the software from the start. Instead of tacking on security features later, TeamViewer was built from the ground up to be completely secure. This way, you get a solution that’s both safer and easier to use.

    So despite very strong encryption and advanced protection, TeamViewer remains the best-performing remote access platform available by offering its users end-to-end encryption, secure remote password protocol, access rights to managements, two-factor authentication, brute force protection and single-sign ons.

    Eliminate excess staff churn

    Recent years have seen massive shifts in the global workforce, such as the numerous employees who quit their jobs during “the great resignation“. This mass exodus was a direct outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw workers prioritize their mental health and well-being over work and, in turn, look for companies and roles that allowed them to do so. While technology advancements prior to- and throughout the pandemic have undoubtedly allowed for this, remote work and hybrid work have created new challenges for employees.

    With the ability to work from anywhere, many employees are now feeling the pressure of being contacted from anywhere, at any time, leading to technostress. Technostress can manifest in various ways, and you want to avoid all of them so you can attract and keep the best people. The consequences of technostress for employers, as well as related pressures such as techno-anxiety and techno-invasion, can be significant. Issues can become so critical that they can put your business objectives at risk. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to reduce technostress as much as possible, especially for remote workers and during new employee onboarding.

    The new TeamViewer user experience helps you navigate the challenges of the great resignation in more ways than just being easy to use. The new TeamViewer interface is so intuitive and user-friendly, anyone can start using it quickly. As a result, it requires no training during onboarding in most cases. The friendly, attractive design and ease of use also make it a pleasant experience that won’t trigger techno-anxiety. The new interface is designed to be user-friendly, well-structured, and intuitive, enabling you to navigate and take control of your remote access experience easily.

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