Work from Home Tools: A Guide to Remote Working

Make life easier with a secure and reliable remote connection when working from home.

The Ideal Telecommuting Solution

Working from home often requires accessing key resources that are kept on your office network, which makes it essential to establish a remote connection to your workplace. In order to ensure minimum disruption to regular work processes and optimum productivity, you need to know that your connection works quickly, securely, and efficiently. Whether working from home for a break from the office desk or staying on top of things while on a business trip, having a watertight and reliable method for effective working is key.

There are two main methods for working from home with the right tools: either use a VPN to connect your computer to your work network, or use a remote desktop solution. Not only do the two methods serve a similar purpose, but they also share the same goal of allowing you to access everything you need for a productive working day. However, they differ in their setup, complexity, and capabilities. From server access to chairing meetings and task delegation, you won’t miss a beat from the comfort of your own home.

Working from Home: The Right Tools for Your Needs

Whether you are part of a large organisation with hundreds of employees, a small business, or somewhere in between, by opting either for a VPN or remote desktop access as your work-from-home tool, you can rest assured that you will be in the loop every step of the way.

The VPN option directs all traffic through your office network and allows you to access network resources and email servers anywhere at any time. However, there are several drawbacks to the VPN solution. These include:

  • Constant maintenance
  • Vulnerability to ‘middle man’ breach attacks
  • Software requirements on your home computer

For those reasons, there is a lot to be said for working from home via remote desktop access as a VPN alternative.

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By opting for remote access tools when working from home, you can access your company systems and files on network drives and continue working with desktop applications remotely.

Take TeamViewer for example, the remote access solution provides the means to instantly connect to networked resources at any time and from any device, which allows you to work at home exactly as you would at the office.

Utilise TeamViewer’s host of functions to communicate with colleagues, attend meetings, or continue with tasks from home.

For example, share what’s on your screen with colleagues using TeamViewer’s screen sharing feature, or record meetings and trainings for future reference using session recording.

The Importance of Security When Working from Home

Security is one of the top concerns when it comes to working from home – even with the right tools. The security and safety of employees, data, and servers is a major concern for IT departments, managed service providers, and individuals alike. A breach in security can lead to hours of downtime, a decline in productivity, and a major loss of data. To avoid this when working at home or away from office, there are a few measures that should be taken in order to ensure optimum security:

  • Always use trusted Wi-Fi to ensure data security and remember that public Wi-Fi is vulnerable
  • Consider encrypting your laptop, or advise your IT department to do so
  • Keep track of all your devices and take all measures to avoid loss or theft
  • Create strong passwords and memorise them
  • Be wary of USB sticks as they are potential sources of malware
  • Respect your company policies with regard to working at home

What are the Benefits of Working from Home?

Enables higher productivity

Being comfortable in your own space and having flexibility can increase both productivity and creativity, which subsequently boosts staff moral in the long term.

Working on business trips

With the option of working remotely, employees can access data or tools essential to their business trips, which ensures that they have everything they need no matter where they are.

Connect to a global workforce

Remote access allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to connect to clients, partners, or colleagues across the globe and communicate and collaborate easily and effectively, regardless of distance.

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