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From client briefings to post-production, success hinges on the right people accessing the right tools and files. TeamViewer ensures streamlined management for your top-tier creative projects.

Remote connectivity for creative and media

Expand and grow your creative capabilities with quality assurance and full IT support

We aid creativity to flourish — for creative teams, editors, designers, and studios

  • Making remote work easy

    To encourage creativity to thrive with guaranteed full access to your tech stack, a flexible working environment is necessary. With TeamViewer’s easy-to-use remote access and control solutions, all media-types are able to access their desktop PCs, software, files, commissions and videos from anywhere as if your device is in front of you.

  • Safeguarding creativity and preventing unauthorized access

    With conditional access and managed devices, creators and editing teams can ensure their work is secure as their media companies can protect files to allow only those who are authorized access and under particular circumstances.

  • Solving technical problems at speed

    With TeamViewer remote access and control, your IT support can be available instantaneously. From specialist digital production software to cloud-based storage services, your tech stack can be managed to allow you to focus on your creativity.

  • Resolving onboarding difficulties

    TeamViewer’s single sign on (SSO) allows you to bring freelance creatives or external design agencies on board for specific projects and streams of activity with immediate configuration.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Protect personal, creative work from unauthorized access
  • Provide swift technical IT support
  • Connect to remote devices anywhere, with unattended access
  • Accelerate and support multiple campaigns across teams
  • Streamline and control access to different stakeholders

With its adaptability, TeamViewer enables creative agencies to collaborate on projects and deliver high-quality content to their clients.

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Managing relationships

Multimedia campaigns and similar projects demand multidisciplinary participation, with various team members and external partners dipping in and out of projects at different times. You need to ensure authorised parties can access project-related materials when needed. 

Equally though, to safeguard intellectual property and to prevent pre-launch leaks, fine-grained controls are desirable to control who can access what, and when.

Enabling remote work

In an ideal world, remote and hybrid working models allow you to get creative from anywhere. However, to enjoy the full benefits of flexible working, you need access to the exact same tools that are in your office or studio - wherever you happen to be. 

True remote control capabilities should allow you to remotely access and use work files, computers and specialist applications from anywhere — as if your work computer was in your hands.

IT maintenance

Organisations within the media and creative sectors typically have a complex technology stack to manage. This can include a combination of specialist digital production software, content management systems and other management tools, physical servers, cloud-based computing and storage services, high-spec desktop machines, and audio-visual equipment. 

Especially if this tech stack is decentralized, it is worth developing ways to reduce your IT service and support burden — for instance, through remote performance monitoring, maintenance, and updates.


You may need to bring individual creatives or external agencies on board for distinct, project-specific activities. In other cases, you may need to hire creatives on a permanent basis. 

In either case, quick, easy-to-use collaboration and remote support tools will help to resolve queries and ensure new participants are familiar with your existing workflows and toolkits.

Effective, real-time collaboration

Creative workflows often require multiple participants working on the same item simultaneously, commenting, editing, and sharing new ideas as you go. 

Lag-prone, unreliable connectivity platforms will stifle productivity and discourage collaboration. The remote access and connectivity technology you adopt needs to be reliable, streamlined, and easy-to-use.

Safeguarding your work

When accessing your work from a remote location or sharing it with other team members, the last thing you need is for it to fall into the wrong hands. Make sure that connections and file transfers are protected (e.g. through encryption) to keep your creative output and ideas secure.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Facilitating seamless interactions among media teams, maximizing production and postproduction sessions, and granting clients and collaborators immediate access to projects — these are the unique benefits brought by TeamViewer.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

TeamViewer Remote: The secure, scalable way to keep creativity flowing

Lets you connect to any device, any time, anywhere. TeamViewer Remote ensures that creatives have always-on access to work-in-progress and production tools, while also empowering project management and remote technical support.

Keeping creative tools within easy reach

With TeamViewer’s remote desktop capabilities, you can access your work computers, software and files 24/7 from any device. This enables you to tap into the full tech capabilities of your studio, wherever you happen to be - including the use of printers and other headless devices. With  Wake-on-LAN support built-in, you can power down your workshop machines, safe in the knowledge they can be reactivated remotely if and when needed.

Fluent on-screen experience

Use TeamViewer remote access and control solution to give colleagues an instant view of the documents, images, and other assets you are working on, on your personal device, without the need for email files. The solution’s enterprise-grade connection stability and image quality means you can share video and other large files and still enjoy a lag-free user experience.

Dynamic input and hassle-free remote video editing

Need to alter the creative brief or commission work in a hurry? TeamViewer Remote has you covered. If you have an idea you want to flesh out, you can share your screen — or a portion of it — directly with a production team member’s device, annotating and highlighting it to provide direction. The same capabilities can be used for checking in on existing projects, allowing you to gain access to team members’ screens to check progress.

Faster production workflows

Keep the creative production line moving, without the need for long email threads, and with shorter gaps between requests and actions. To resolve an editorial query, use TeamViewer to connect instantly with your employee’s device and give immediate instructions — either by annotation or instant message.

Technical support for creatives

Solve technical issues for scattered creative teams faster with real-time remote support. When an IT query arises, use TeamViewer to get instant eyes on the team member’s computer. Helpdesk employees can deliver a quick fix remotely, or else refer more significant problems up the technical chain. The same solution can be used by technical staff for maintenance, performance monitoring, and patch management across your entire IT estate.

TeamViewer Frontline: Design, create, instruct, and optimize with augmented reality capabilities at your fingertips

Ideal for precision design and engineering, xAssist enables frontline employees to access expert help in real time via their smart glasses or mobile device.

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Discover how our inspect-by-vision tool simplifies the inspection, service, and maintenance of specialist production equipment.

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Discover the potential of our made-by-vision AR solution with built-in quality assurance for faster, more accurate production.

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  • Quicker training: Rapid, personalized onboarding with hyper-relevant step-by-step guides 

  • Consistency: Make it easier to ensure that design templates and creative briefs are followed accurately every time

  • Productivity: Ensure that employees can get up-to-speed as quickly as possible, with hands-free access to key information

The future of complex creativity and production is here. Frontline is TeamViewer’s enterprise productivity platform with fully integrated AR (augmented reality) technology. To make it easier for creatives to stay on-brief and for translating designs into accurate production, Frontline helps you keep your most ambitious projects on track.


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Why choose TeamViewer?

Enabling truly flexible working

Whether you prefer working on multi-screen desktop rigs or a simple Android mobile, TeamViewer lets you create your own way. TeamViewer is 100% cross-compatible, allowing you and your team members to connect from any device, to any device or operating system, regardless of manufacturer.


Wherever you are based, TeamViewer makes it possible to share work and ideas with co-creatives as if you were in the same room. Fast connection set-up, high transmission speeds, and superior picture quality means you are fully equipped for maximum team-wide productivity.


With TeamViewer, your valuable new ideas are in the best possible hands. End-to-end encryption ensures no one who shouldn’t can access your connections, data, or file transfers — not even us.