Hero Highlight: Remote solutions for Public Sector

Protect and track all solutions for the government work forces

Supporting and safeguarding all areas of the public sector

TeamViewer is the world’s leading provider of remote support and control solutions for government organisations, public sector bodies, and other entities. We offer best-in-class technology that provides secure access to desktops, devices, digital assets, and networks — enabling organizations to protect critical data and provide superior standards of care within their operations.

Remote connectivity for public services and goods

TeamViewer supports and safeguards all areas of the public sector

We prioritize security. For public servants, government organisations, and workforces.

  • Preventing unauthorized access

    With Conditional Access and managed devices on TeamViewer Tensor, your governmental institution can have a secure infrastructure with robust access controls. Private documents and files are restricted for particular devices and unauthorized users to ensure that only specific users can gain access.

  • Supporting the audit process

    Governmental officials should focus on governance and compliance across their behaviour  — they need to show what they have been working on. Event logs give a comprehensive breakdown of every change in the management console. The result: full visibility of activity within internal and external connections.

  • Ensuring GDPR compliance

    When handling government data, there are GDPR guidelines to adhere to. Conditional, rule-based access on TeamViewer Tensor ensures data is legally compliant. TeamViewer’s advanced security protocols use AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption to protect transferred data, as well as two-factor authentication processes for secure access.

  • Managing a distributed workforce

    The public sector industry has a distributed workforce across multiple departments, local governments and is geographically dispersed. This places pressure on onboarding and offboarding users. TeamViewer’s Single Sign-on (SSO) facilitates these processes and blocks users using the same domain on a different licence.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Security and compliance, with AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication processes and GDPR compliance

  • Simple to use and roll out, keeping IT costs down

  • Comprehensive remote access solutions for managing devices and heavy auditing requirements

  • Provide instant and personalized technical support

  • Scalable enterprise features to fit the needs of a variety of different organizations

  • Remote control for remote management of desktops and devices with ease

With its adaptability, TeamViewer empowers public sector organizations to enhance citizen engagement and accessibility within governmental services.

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Tackling your key challenges and concerns

Permitting only authorized devices

With the increasing threats to cyber-security and the highly sensitive nature of Government operations, TeamViewer utilises Conditional Access and managed devices to offer a distinctive solution. While you can leverage firewall rules to restrict traffic from many solutions, TeamViewer stands alone in its ability to restrict firewall communications to a single IP address, ensuring secure remote connections that are subject to rule-based access configurations of the router.

Customizable access for different teams

Every governmental department and unit have different operational needs. With TeamViewer Tensor, the public sector can leverage customized router settings, time restrictions, and role-based access controls, ensuring departments with staff across the country have the right access at the right time.

Data security and heavy auditing

How do you ensure data security in essential public organizations? TeamViewer offers detailed event logs, presenting a comprehensive breakdown of every action taken within the management console. With enforced video recording capabilities applied via policies on end devices, it provides an additional layer of security. Plus, it can integrate seamlessly with existing SIEM solutions, automating report exports and enhancing transparency.

Large and diverse workforce across multiple departments

For a sector as vast and varied as the government and other public bodies, Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities are essential. TeamViewer's SSO ensures that users from the same domain on different licences are effectively managed and controlled, streamlining access and minimizing risks.

Broad working conditions

Whether it's accessing equipment in distant locations or facilitating remote team collaborations, TeamViewer ensures seamless, one-click connections, catering to the expansive operational needs of the public sector.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you serve the public.

Enhanced support for public sector professionals, improved operational efficiency, and effortless access for and to citizens — these are just a few of the advantages offered by TeamViewer's solutions for the public sector.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

Harness the power of TeamViewer for the public sector to simplify access, facilitate remote operation, and bolster security

TeamViewer stands as a beneficial tool for the public sector for its collective and individual benefits. On a collective level, it offers secure and simplified remote access, enhancing operational efficiency, and facilitating swift response to system malfunctions. This minimizes downtime and saves resources.

Individually, it provides a high level of customization, allowing organisations to tailor their remote access settings according to their unique needs. Hence, it serves as a robust solution to the multiple challenges faced by public sector organizations in managing their IT infrastructure.

  • Fast connection

    Swift, seamless connections ensure government operations don't face unnecessary downtimes, enhancing productivity.

  • Access important documents

    No matter where you are, access your vital documents through any remote device and facilitate real-time sharing with colleagues.

  • Easy to use

    TeamViewer is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it a breeze for personnel across the public sector to utilise it without steep learning curves.

Why choose TeamViewer?


TeamViewer is built on a foundation of robust security measures, ensuring that data integrity is never compromised.


Be it in urban office settings or remote field locations, TeamViewer ensures that your data and systems are always within reach.

High performance

Engineered for optimal performance, TeamViewer guarantees swift connections, lag-free operations, and an overall efficient remote access experience.