Mar 10, 2024

Thriving in a crowded landscape: Your secret weapon to startup success

  • Remote IT
  • In today's fiercely competitive entrepreneurial landscape, standing out from the crowd requires more than just a great idea. For a startup to grab a slice of the more than $500 billion in startup capital raised each year, it has to be highly efficient.  
    Just look at FinTech: as strong as this sector is, many players still struggle to scale globally. The truth is that, for this and other saturated sectors, such as ecommerce and internet software, only about a quarter of venture-backed startups make it, let alone reach unicorn status (in fact, the number of new tech unicorns is down). 

    Facing this reality, emerging businesses have little choice but to find new ways to get as agile, innovative, and productive as possible. This is where remote connectivity and support has become a secret weapon for modern startups.

    How remote connectivity unlocks productivity for startups

    At TeamViewer, we understand the unique challenges faced within the startup ecosystem. And we've witnessed countless startup businesses achieve hypergrowth and secure better valuations, thanks to the power of scalable technology. It comes as no surprise that, in a recent study, 70% of startups believe technology is the fuel for rapid expansion and increased value
    But what does that look like in practice? And how exactly does a remote connectivity solution like TeamViewer help? The answer lies in its ability to provide 360° efficiency, which comprises three core pillars: 

    1. Control, access, update, and fix any device in your corporate network from a central location

    Do this via our revamped web interface or the desktop client — both are cloud-based and accessible anywhere. This real-time access eliminates downtime and ensures your team is always connected and productive, regardless of their location. 
    Let’s say a new engineer joins your team remotely in Seattle, while a seasoned Tokyo-based developer tackles a critical bug in Tokyo. Both are instantly plugged into your network, with the ability to securely access and fix any device from their laptops. They can collaborate in real time, without scrambling for VPNs, or navigating clunky remote desktop sessions. 
    This level of anywhere connectivity leads to far less downtime, while enabling collaboration that’s never limited by time zones, device types, or geographic location. 

    2. Deploy and manage a growing number of devices with ease

    Adding new devices and integrating them into your existing infrastructure can become a daunting task, especially as you continue to scale up operations. Think: expanding to new offices or locations; or diversifying your workforce and workplace connectivity (in-office, remote, hybrid, and so on).   
    A platform like TeamViewer streamlines these and other processes, allowing your IT team to manage all that goes into the scale-up process from a single platform. For example, you only need to create policies and rules for different user groups once. Each time a new person is added to that group, the existing configurations are automatically applied.  
    This alone can significantly reduce manual processes across the user lifecycle. When Cielo, a leading payment system provider, centralized their management and remote support of 4,000 connected devices, their productivity soared.

    3. Seamless integration with existing platforms

    Most, if not all, successful startups realize along the way: white-knuckling the growth process by continuing to rely on manual — or downright archaic — processes just aren’t sustainable. In fact, doing so can not only inhibit growth, but derail it altogether.  
    You need a remote connectivity platform capable of integrating with an expanding tech stack, one that will likely include a CRM system, endpoint management (e.g., InTune), and team collaboration suites for real-time brainstorming. 
    The ability to eliminate data silos and juggle multiple platforms is indispensable for startups. Imagine having a single pane of glass that unifies operations, while making fragmented systems (and data sources) a thing of the past. It’s a foundational step that makes hyper growth possible.

    3 real-world examples of finding productivity through remote connectivity

    Here’s three case studies that demonstrate the transformative potential of remote access and support technology: 

    Wensauer Com-Systeme

    German IT service provider Wensauer Com-Systeme discovered a game-changer in remote connectivity. Serving their clients across diverse locations became faster and more efficient thanks to seamless remote access. 
    Instead of lengthy commutes for every support request, their technicians can now troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely, saving precious time and resources. But the benefits go beyond mere speed.  
    Remote connectivity also empowers their on-site visits to be even more productive. By pre-diagnosing issues and preparing necessary tools remotely beforehand, their technicians arrive equipped to handle problems swiftly and efficiently, minimizing downtime for their clients.

    Hamburger Software

    For German software solutions provider Hamburger Software, exceeding customer expectations was paramount. But how could their dedicated 30-person support team maintain their personalized approach as their customer base grew?  
    With the help of remote connectivity, Hamburger Software delivers the same exceptional 1:1 support to thousands of customers, ensuring minimal downtime, and all without needing to significantly expand their team. Today, a single agent can assist clients across the globe, resolving issues in real-time, and maintaining the close relationships that Hamburger Software prides itself on.  
    This efficient approach not only saves them resources but also strengthens customer loyalty, demonstrating their commitment to personalized service regardless of scale. You’ll find TeamViewer firmly integrated throughout Hamburger Software’s business processes. Service via the platform is even offered to customers as an additional service in maintenance contracts, helping to curb and in some cases prevent turnover. Across customer support, sales, and training, TeamViewer is helping to ensure the utmost experience for customers and prospective buyers. 


    Kopperman has mastered the art of maximizing efficiency with remote connectivity. Their secret weapon is seamless online collaboration that empowers their lean team to work closer with customers, develop solutions faster, and deliver higher quality service in shorter time frames. 
    Remote connectivity transformed Kopperman's customer experience. Instead of endless travel and disjointed communication for support calls, their team instantly connects with clients worldwide, sharing documents and brainstorming ideas in real-time.  
    This not only boosts customer satisfaction by ensuring swift resolutions, but also fuels internal innovation. Collaborative problem-solving leads to faster development cycles, allowing Kopperman to bring new solutions to market quicker and meet evolving customer needs with agility.

    Remote connectivity is a necessity, not a luxury

    The benefits of a remote connectivity solution go beyond just saving time and money. By improving productivity, TeamViewer can help your startup:

    • Become more agile and responsive to market changes
    • Increase your competitive advantage
    • Focus on core business activities instead of IT headaches
    • Attract and retain top talent

    Talent retention is another critical aspect of viability. It’s difficult enough to survive as a startup; the ongoing labor shortage — at least in the United States — is only making things harder.  
    How your startup onboards, trains, and supports talent can be more than a differentiator in today’s startup market — it can be a matter of survival. 
    Ready to unlock the power of productivity for your startup? Contact our sales representatives to discuss personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

    Don't let a lack of connectivity hinder your startup's ability to scale. Take control with TeamViewer and watch your business soar.