The story in a nutshell

  • Aesop is an Australia cosmetics brand that has more than 400 points of sale across 27 countries
  • Facing with increasingly stringent data regulations and industry standards, Aesop has upgraded its remote access and support solution to TeamViewer Tensor
  • With TeamViewer Tensor, Aesop can now establish robust, secure, and traceable controls across 2,500 endpoints reviewed by a third-party risk management vendor


Aesop is an Australian luxury cosmetics brand. With a vast network of global locations processing credit cards and payment information, Aesop has been using TeamViewer for more than 10 years.

It recently upgraded to TeamViewer Tensor to establish robust, secure, and traceable controls across 2,500 endpoints covering everything from office workstations and store-based computers to remote workers, tightening security for internal customers and Aesop’s workforce without affecting external customers.


Aesop recognised that an uplift in its security measures was necessary to meet increasingly stringent data regulations and industry standards. Too many staff had access to potentially sensitive systems and data, and many remote staff had not enabled two-factor authentication (2FA). A lack of visibility and auditability in work processes made it challenging to track and manage potential security breaches.

Aesop required a thorough review of its maturity in data security and a comprehensive program to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities. The company recognised that extensive use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions across the business posed potential risks if those services weren’t adequately secured. Its objective was to establish robust, secure, and traceable controls for IT support staff and administrators across 2,500 endpoints.

Gabriel Egan Head of Global Support, Infrastructure and Operations at Aesop

“TeamViewer Tensor has a secure solution that addresses all of our needs.”


Having successfully used TeamViewer for over 10 years, the upgrade to TeamViewer Tensor was the most obvious choice with the least disruption to business operations. TeamViewer Tensor is an enterprise remote connectivity platform that provides end-to-end encrypted remote support for computers, mobile devices, servers, machines, and point of sale (POS) devices, ensuring that employees are supported every time there is a technical issue they need fixed using remote connectivity.

Aesop leveraged TeamViewer Tensor to close its potential security vulnerabilities. The goal was not just compliance, but a broader culture of good governance, risk management, and data security that matches the high stakes of cybersecurity and privacy in today’s digital business landscape.

Gabriel Egan Head of Global Support, Infrastructure and Operations at Aesop

“Aesop has a third-party vendor risk mechanism that vets and validates all service providers through a third party, based on criticality levels. TeamViewer has a high criticality level within our business and the review was conducted based on that. It was evident through the process that TeamViewer Tensor has a secure solution that addresses all of our needs. It lets us enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users accessing the platform from anywhere, both at a cloud-based and distributed level, without opening the system to the internet.”


The existing TeamViewer infrastructure simplified the process of setting up the Tensor gateway. Scheduling and implementing the cutover was simple and efficient, and the switch was virtually seamless for users, with no interruption to service. With rules including mandatory multifactor authentication, the entire system is far more secure and robust. Aesop currently has 40 users with full access at any time, and an additional 40 to 80 users with limited access, typically once per day.

Gabriel Egan said, “The diligence required in managing licences and costs, and tracking who is using the system, is a benefit rather than a drawback, enhancing our overall control and security. The primary purpose of the transition was about compliance and risk mitigation. However, there are many features that we will be able to implement in the business going forward, which we are currently investigating.”

The results speak for themselves

  • TeamViewer is the best option to fulfill Aesop’s stringent compliance and security requirements
  • Strengthen good governance and risk management culture
  • Existing TeamViewer infrastructure simplified the setup of the Tensor gateway, contributing to disruption-free transition process

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