The strong partnership between TeamViewer and Schnellecke Logistics is built on a shared commitment to continuous innovation. For years, Schnellecke Logistics has been using the innovative and industry-proven TeamViewer Frontline solutions productively at various sites around the globe.

By offering logistics services ranging from transport and warehousing through pre-assembly and value-added services to the sequential assembly of individual parts Just-In-Time (JIT) as well as Just-In-Sequence (JIS), their processes are highly dependent on optimized, error-free operations. Conventional methods with handheld devices or paper-based documentation often led to a high error rate and delays within potentially intertwined assembly processes.


To maintain a high performance on their JIT and JIS services, Schnellecke faced the pressure to increase speed and quality of processes at the same time, for example at their Wolfsburg plant where they focus on module assembly and line feed for the automotive industry. They aimed at making processes faster and reducing the error rate to guarantee a seamless line feed. The workers handle the often bulky or heavy car components, that’s why Schnellecke Logistics focused on ergonomic and hands-free solutions in their search for innovative methods.


The AR platform TeamViewer Frontline offers reliable support for Schnellecke Logistics’s operations. Its solutions improve processes along the entire value chain through augmented reality-based wearable computing technology. The foundation of the success: visual step-by-step presentation of information, ensuring quick and intuitive processing.

The vision picking solution xPick supports logistics procedures, enabling multiorder picking for up to 24 orders simultaneously, and TeamViewer Frontline’s Make-by-Vision solution xMake supports assembly procedures.