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Introducing Mobile Device Management

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The Mobile Device Support is an add-on available for Premium, Corporate and Business licenses. It allows you to remotely control any Android device and see the screens of iOS devices in real time. Mobile Device Management capabilities go much deeper: It’s about centrally managing — not just controlling — mobile devices.

If you want to make changes to the devices, such as rolling out and setting up applications, finding specific information or data on a device, et cetera, MDM is the way to go.

Mobile Device Management is very easy to set up and use. In addition, MDM is integrated into TeamViewer, so you will find the application where you already use TeamViewer to remotely control devices and/or manage PCs, servers and laptops. Therefore, you’ll have all your remote management and control functions in one place.

There are two ways to enroll the device. You can either send an invitation to the user or use Zero Touch Deployment (Android) by entering the device serial number into Ivanti. All configurations and applications are then automatically deployed when the device is brought online. This will also install the Ivanti and the TeamViewer applications on the device — this is true for both ways.

Both are fairly simple and self-explanatory methods. If users are invited to MDM, they receive an email that guides them through the process in a very user-friendly way.

This option is available with Zero Touch Deployment (Android) or Business Management (Apple). As an IT administrator, you enter the device’s serial number to the MDM and the setup begins as soon as the device is online. Users do not need to confirm an email. Another option is to use a QR code for setup.

No, it is not necessary to reset the device to factory settings.

No, not really. You can manage any device that runs on Android or iOS with recent OS updates. Other than that, there are no restrictions.

No, unfortunately not. However, we are able to manage all iOS and Android devices with recent OS updates (e.g. Android 10).

Yes, this is possible. Detailed descriptions are available directly from our partner Ivanti, which we can provide on request. Simply get in touch with us.

Yes, individual users, devices or device groups can be selected when deploying applications. Even a single device can theoretically be managed with Mobile Device Management.

Yes, this is possible. App allowlisting can be used to pre-define which apps users can download. There are also a number of setting options in the self-service area that allow users to make adjustments within a defined framework.

Yes, this is possible. You can push updates exactly when you want to push them. This means that all update cycles are controlled by the administrator, not the end user.

It is possible to select your own APK and add it to the MDM catalogue. However, the basic recommendation is to thoroughly review and test home-grown applications before rolling them out via Mobile Device Management.

No, not yet. But you can always send us a feature request, if you are missing a feature in our product.

Of course, it is already possible to actively remove and install certain applications that you manage through Mobile Device Management though. Apps stored in your configured corporate profile that you later wish to remove can also be removed from all managed devices. Applications that have not been pre-defined through MDM shouldn’t be on the devices anyway.

First of all, you can choose to allow or deny applications to use your geolocation. If your device is stolen, you can locate the device and actively wipe it (this is not done automatically though). This is particularly useful as many people have experienced losing a phone. So, whether your mobile device has been stolen, located in a strange place or is off the beaten track: You can always use the wipe or the remote lock feature to prevent further damage.

MDM however can’t check the geolocation of a managed device all the time for GDPR reasons: You are – of course – not allowed to track the location of your employees all the time. This is only possible in stolen mode.

As all data is deleted and the device is reset to factory defaults, it will appear as a brand-new device. As an administrator, you will also receive a notification that the device has been successfully wiped.  So, both the administrator and the user will notice that the device was wiped.

It is possible to carve out a specific area of the smartphone and use it as a business part, while another part remains completely private. This functionality is known as Ivanti's Bring-Your-Own-Device feature. It enables the separate use of one's own personal profile and the newly created corporate profile on one smartphone. In this case, only the corporate profile is managed via MDM.

This can be done in great detail. Mobile phone settings can also be configured in the MDM, as well as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings. If you are interested in more information or a detailed description of the various setting options, please contact our sales team.

Licensing is based on the number of devices you manage. The more devices you have, the lower the price per device. Depending on how many devices you have, you may also qualify for a discount.

It is generally possible to get a trial version. We recommend that you contact our Sales team. They will be able to provide you with a trial or answer any outstanding questions.

Yes, this is possible. We recommend that you contact our Sales team. They will be able to give you a personalized demo and go into more detail.

Curious about TeamViewer’s Mobile Device Management solutions?

Businesses issue more and more mobile devices for agility and productivity, but this also expands the attack surface, posing security risks if devices are compromised.

TeamViewer MDM ensures that your IT department can manage and secure an ever-growing device fleet 24/7 in a single console. Want to understand how MDM enables easy onboarding, roll-out, management, and troubleshooting of mobile devices for companies such as your own?

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