Illustration showing concept of distributed remote work environments

Managing Distributed Work Environments

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While there are measures you can take to ensure that the company devices your employees use at home are as secure as possible, you won’t be able to control and monitor their home networks directly.

You can, however, thoroughly educate your users about the risk an unsecured home network poses and give them practical tips on how to best protect it.

Remember that Zero Trust is not another new technology or specific product. It stands for a change in thinking compared to traditional security frameworks. As a first step, you should get an overview of your company’s status quo and find the gaps in your setup.

Subsequently, you can devise a plan, define action items and look for the right tools for your needs.

No, you won’t necessarily need two different systems. There are unified remote connectivity tools that enable you to access, control, manage and monitor end-user devices and IT/OT assets from the same platform.



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