Upturn your uptime with Device Monitoring

With TeamViewer Remote Management you can prevent unnecessary downtime, ensuring your IT systems are stable, secure, and always running smoothly.

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Increase uptime and automate tasks with Device Monitoring

An end user’s slowly failing hard drive or a digital signage device that’s gone offline — solve small issues before they turn into big problems by proactively monitoring your Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

TeamViewer Device Monitoring provides you with early recognition of issues in your IT infrastructure and task automation to decrease response time and manual effort.

Increase reaction speed

Define checks and thresholds  to stay on top of potential issues. TeamViewer Remote Management will always notify you as soon as alert conditions are met, allowing you to react immediately.

Reduce downtime

Fix issues before they become problems. Gain increased visibility into your IT infrastructure and automate tasks to ensure real-time response and on-time maintenance.

Save money

Say goodbye to unplanned interruptions, costly downtimes, and data loss. Keep your clients’ productivity high and your business running by providing healthy IT systems.

Monitor important IT aspects

Efficient and effortless management of your devices

  • Custom monitoring policies

    Make it your own. Cater to the individual needs of your end users by setting custom monitoring policies. Define what to check and set individual alert thresholds and recipients to improve time to resolution.

  • Remote script execution

    Save valuable time by setting up custom scripts and executing them on multiple devices at once. The scripts will be executed in the background, preventing disturbances and interruptions to the end user’s productivity and systems.

  • Task automation

    Increase efficiency with condition-based and time-based automation.  Less manual work, no human error, real-time response and scheduled maintenance tasks – designed to scale your IT operations.

  • Instant push notifications

    Stay one step ahead. Receive notifications via mail, directly in your web or desktop client, or pushed to your phone. Take action to resolve small issues before they turn into big problems.


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