TTS, a division of MacGregor, is a Norwegian ship chandler and provides cargo handling solutions and access systems for the marine and offshore industry. The company also owns the Neuenfelder Maschinenfabrik (TTS-NMF) in Hamburg-Neuenfelde, which manufactures ship cranes.

Its activities primarily include the design, assembly and testing of systems. TTS has subsidiaries in Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Vietnam.


  • Offer customers quick and reliable support, in every corner of the world’s oceans
  • A defective on-board crane must be repaired directly on site, often associated with high travel costs
  • Repairs must be performed within a few hours, irrespective of the time of day, otherwise this can lead to high consequential costs


To offer its customers quick and reliable support, TTS / MacGregor uses the Augmented Reality-based remote assistance solution TeamViewer Assist AR. No dedicated hardware is required for the AR functionality: using a smartphone camera, a real-time image of the situation is transmitted.

The expert looks through the camera on-site using a video livestream, thus enabling them to provide specific and professional advice to the mechanic on the ship. Specific instructions and assistance can be given by placing arrows and freehand drawings on objects in the real world. The technician can actively assist the mechanic in rectifying the fault and even provide step-by-step guidance through the repair process.

Using the AR-based TeamViewer Assist AR to provide technical support means TTS / MacGregor saves significant amounts of time and travel expenses.