The story in a nutshell

  • Integris’ skilled team of 135 EEG technologists relies on instantaneous data monitoring in critical care settings
  • TeamViewer Tensor provides real-time remote access to monitor patient data second by second
  • Integris can now hire top-tier technologists nationwide, ensuring exceptional patient care with access to the best talent coast to coast
  • TeamViewer’s compatibility with diverse EEG equipment and efficient resource use optimize workflow, saving hospitals costs and boosting Integris’ team productivity
  • Tensor’s security ensures HIPAA compliance and safeguards patient data


Integris Neuro provides cutting-edge EEG monitoring solutions to healthcare practices and facilities across the US. EEG monitoring is a crucial diagnostic tool for identifying and monitoring various brain conditions, such as epilepsy, dementia, head injuries, brain tumors, and sleep disorders, aiding doctors in determining appropriate treatments.

Specializing in long-term Video Ambulatory EEGs conducted in outpatient clinics or at a patient’s residence; and Continuous EEG Monitoring conducted on hospital inpatients in critical care or Epilepsy Monitoring Units, Integris Neuro prioritizes safety, reliability, and quality in its services. With a strong reputation in the healthcare industry, Integris Neuro offers comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of patients and healthcare providers.


EEG monitoring services are increasingly conducted remotely making real-time access to remote data a key challenge. Integris’ skilled team of 135 EEG technologists relies on instantaneous data monitoring in critical care settings, where every second counts, and immediate identification of abnormal brain activity allows medical professionals to intervene promptly with appropriate treatments. However, ensuring swift data rendering and live viewing can have notable obstacles. Additionally, customization and security remain predominant, with the need to tailor solutions to clients’ privacy and security expectations.

Steven Estes President/CEO at Integris

“TeamViewer Tensor’s robust security features provide unparalleled peace of mind, ensuring HIPAA compliance and safeguarding patient data. With the capability to access hundreds of collection stations nationwide, spanning major hospitals, clinics, and facilities, TeamViewer Tensor ensures secure connections and enables efficient monitoring across multiple screens. TeamViewer Tensor has been instrumental in elevating our services and meeting the stringent security standards of the healthcare industry.”


TeamViewer Tensor became the top choice solution for Integris Neuro, offering rapid data rendering capabilities that surpassed other products on the market. Its superior remote connection and live viewing features provided Integris Neuro’s technologists with the real-time access they needed to monitor patient data second by second.

The platform’s customizable security settings proved to be a game-changer, allowing Integris Neuro to tailor security configurations to meet each client’s unique requirements. From setting a black screen for enhanced privacy to flexible security profiles, TeamViewer Tensor offers unparalleled customization and control.

Moreover, TeamViewer Tensor’s user-friendly interface facilitated seamless transitions for intermittent monitoring needs, enabling technologists to connect and disconnect from multiple systems easily. The platform’s tagging and grouping functionalities further enhanced efficiency, allowing for easy organization and access to critical systems.


Integris’ integration of TeamViewer has resulted in remarkable outcomes, with a seamless transition and minimal disruptions to operations. TeamViewer’s compatibility with various EEG equipment manufacturers and low resource utilization have optimized workflow, leading to cost savings for hospitals and increased productivity for Integris’ team.

“Thanks to TeamViewer, we’ve built a nationwide network of top-tier technologists, spanning from California to Florida and from Connecticut to Utah. This expansive reach ensures continuous, high-quality patient monitoring around the clock, with seamless handoffs between our skilled professionals. Without TeamViewer, we’d be limited to a local talent pool, but now we recruit the best from coast to coast. It’s not just a tool for us—it’s the backbone of our operations, enabling us to provide exceptional care to every patient, every time.” said Steven Estes, President/CEO at Integris Neuro.

TeamViewer’s ability to monitor up to four cases simultaneously aligns with AMA CPT coding guidelines, ensuring compliance and facilitating collaborative patient care. This feature enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of Integris’ operations, contributing to improved patient outcomes and streamlined processes.

In summary, the collaboration between Integris Healthcare and TeamViewer has reshaped EEG monitoring, establishing fresh benchmarks for speed, security, and scalability within healthcare. Integris is dedicated to innovation and service expansion and utilizes technology to elevate patient care and foster favorable outcomes across the nation.

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