Jul 5, 2023

TeamViewer Revolutionizes Data Access for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team, Enhancing Performance at the Track

Goeppingen, July 5, 2023 – TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, is driving performance gains for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team by enabling improved access to critical data during practice and qualifying.

In the highly competitive world of Formula 1, where every millisecond counts, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team leaves nothing to chance. The team relies on cutting-edge technology at every stage of its operations to gain a competitive advantage.

With engineers both trackside and in the Race Support Room (RSR) at the factory, the team requires seamless communication between engineers and drivers to make split-second decisions. Instant access to data, videos, and telemetry is crucial for determining race strategy.

Previously, the team faced software reliability challenges that hindered the delivery of accurate and real-time data to the drivers. However, after successfully implementing TeamViewer Tensor as its remote connectivity platform in the whole organization, the team turned to TeamViewer once again for the dropdown screen data feed in the garage trackside.

TeamViewer’s Tensor platform offers enterprise-grade remote connectivity with unmatched security, scalability, and manageability. It empowers the engineers to provide drivers with fast and one-hundred-percent reliable access to live data during practice and qualifying sessions while the driver can remain in the car. This includes weather updates, run plans, strategy insights, competitor analysis, live feed TV, run playbacks, and on-track footage.

“During a practice session, it’s important to give the driver the right information at the right time,” said Riccardo Musconi, Head of Trackside Performance. “TeamViewer has never let us down and has really improved the way we work at the track and communicate with the driver.”

“TeamViewer is faster, more reliable, and has more features than anything on the market. So for us, where milliseconds mean the difference in results, and communication between the driver and race engineers is critical, that’s how we deliver performance,” stated Steve Riley, Head of IT and Service Operations.

TeamViewer’s remote connectivity solution ensures that every decision is based on accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing the team’s strategy for each run. In addition, end-to-end encryption and conditional access policies are important for the team’s data security.

“Given the pace of race weekends, any technology implementations must be able to keep up. Even a second delay in the drivers having access to the data they need between runs could impact the entire weekend. Our enterprise remote connectivity platform, Tensor, meets these performance demands and has security built in meaning proprietary data stays with the team. For the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 team it is all about reliability, speed and security and that is what Tensor delivers,” said Peter Turner, Chief Commercial Officer, TeamViewer.

With TeamViewer’s remote connectivity solutions, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team continues to push boundaries, leveraging data access to gain a competitive edge and drive success on the track.

For more detail on how the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team is using TeamViewer, watch here.

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