Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Sharp operates factories and research facilities in numerous countries. The product range includes LCD displays, interactive whiteboards, multi-function printers, video projectors, air conditioners, microwaves, memory cards, image sensors, and solar modules. Sharp‘s mission is to improve people‘s quality of life through cutting-edge technologies and the highest standards of innovation, quality, value, and design. To achieve this goal, business processes and the underlying IT must function flawlessly – no matter when, no matter where.


With the majority of the workforce working from home as a result of the COVID-19-related lockdown, IT support faced new challenges that the previous software tools could not handle:

  • Increased need for digital support services due to staff 100% working from home
  • Previous software solution in the service desk was VPN-based, no remote access was possible in case of VPN disturbance
  • With the previous approach, employees partially experienced restrictions of up to several hours or were unable to work at all


TeamViewer Tensor was Sharp’s first choice when it came to adapting its IT support to the new requirements. The decisive factor was the conditional access functionality, which allows to define and monitor access rights for the support experts centrally in TeamViewer Tensor.


With TeamViewer, the enterprise digitized its IT service processes in record time, keeps its business processes up and running during the pandemic, and is well prepared for the time after.

Within 6 weeks, the decision was made and TeamViewer was ready for distribution; after 8 weeks, TeamViewer Tensor was completely rolled out

99% of the requests at the service desk can be handled quickly and efficiently resolved remotely, regardless of the status of the VPN connection

Improved security: all remote connections are centrally managed and fully controlled

Michael Schramm Head of Client Services and Network Communications at Sharp

“TeamViewer is just as easy and fast to install as it is to use in practice. This has convinced our service team just as quickly and sustainably as the users.”

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