Hero Highlight: Vision picking

Vision picking solutions

Reduce picking errors and increase efficiency in your warehouse

In today’s fast-paced working environment, warehouse efficiency faces many challenges

  • Picking errors

    Manual picking processes lead to errors, resulting in incorrect items being selected or shipped to customers.

  • Inefficient order fulfilment

    Traditional picking methods can be time-consuming and inefficient.

  • Ergonomic strain

    Manual picking tasks can be physically demanding and repetitive, leading to ergonomic issues and potential injuries for workers.

  • Training and onboarding challenges

    It takes time for workers to become proficient in manual picking, which can slow down operations.

  • Outdated technology

    Outdated, inefficient, and bulky tech can lead to slow processes, poor usage of resources, and lower quality outcomes.

  • Evolving markets

    More complex orders, seasonal demand, and the trend towards lot size one demands easily scalable solutions.

Woman in warehouse working on laptop

Error reduction and faster fulfilment have become more important than ever

A single picking error can reduce the profitability of an order by as much as 13%.

Currently, the industry average picking error rate is 1–3% – what if we can bring this down to 0.1%?

Discover how xPick can transform your warehouse efficiency

Implementing our vision-picking solution in your warehouse is easier than you think

Customer Success Video: TeamViewer & DHL

DHL supply chain uses xPick to help increase productivity and reduce error rates

  • 0.1% error rate after implementing vision picking
  • 15% increase in productivity 
  • 50% time saved while onboarding
  • 100% hands-free, visually supported solution
Customer Success: GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries went from a paper-based to a smart glasses solution

  • 25% time reduction in the picking process
  • 33% increase in inventory accuracy
  • Significant time reduction in searching and sorting
  • 100,000 sheets of printed paper per year eliminated
Customer Success Video: TeamViewer & Coca Cola HBC

Watch how Coca Cola HBC uses TeamViewer xPick to streamline picking operations

  • 99.99% picking accuracy
  • 6–8% increased picking performance
  • 29 locations across Europe and North Africa

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