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Seamless. Secure. Scalable.

In a highly competitive marketplace, businesses must be agile and support their employees to maintain pace and engagement. Meeting stakeholder expectations to receive the right support has become a major challenge.

TeamViewer Tensor

Solve and support complex technical issues with ease

Technology is getting complex. With the fast-paced nature of daily business, it’s important that businesses empower all stakeholders in the value chain with the right solutions to reduce downtime, ensure business continuity, and improve overall productivity.

Be it IT, IoT, or OT: ensure your connected enterprise stays agile and competitive. Support your distributed workforce, devices, systems effectively and efficiently in a scalable, manageable, and secure manner.


Tensor use cases

  • Centralized & integrated support – Access, manage, and support devices, systems, and platforms reliably, at scale as a managed service provider (MSP) for your customers
  • Remote access – Enable maintenance and control of business-critical infrastructure such as servers with ease
  • Agile & fast support – Support employees on the move on their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, hybrid devices)
  • Customer engagement – Support your customers with GDPR-compliant, secure screen sharing using co-browsing technology
  • Efficient field support – Unlock the potential of remote connectivity for field scenarios by efficiently leveraging in-house technical expertise
  • Unattended support – Manage, maintain, and support unattended systems, Point of sale (POS) devices, kiosks, lockers, and digital signage
  • Enterprise IT support – Solve IT issues faster with real-time remote support

Maximize your efficiency with our award-winning support solutions for MSPs and enterprises

Take your enterprise support to the next level

  • Productivity

    Ensuring your employees are supported helps them feel more engaged and involved in the daily operations of the business.

  • Sustainability

    Remote support reduces your carbon footprint and significantly lowers operating costs - by minimizing travel to provide on-site support.

  • Better efficiency and agility

    Businesses are more digitalized today than they were a few years back. Leverage remote connectivity effectively to bring in more efficiency and agility in daily operations.

  • Customer loyalty

    Businesses operating in a hyper-competitive marketplace need to meet after-sales expectations of their customers.

What is Tensor

Leverage the power of remote connectivity to access, manage and support your business and your employees in a reliable, secure, scalable manner. Learn more about how TeamViewer Tensor can enable your business to provide:

Enterprise-grade security

Security pioneer BitSight Security Ratings ranks TeamViewer as Top 1% in the Tech Industry.

Secure support experiences

Connect securely and provide support in an easy, intuitive manner to employees and partners across your enterprise.


End-to-end encrypted support connections that ensure your business-critical data stays secure – always.

Reliable across bandwidths

Support your global workforce, distributed devices, & systems in far-flung locations with ease.

Flexible & cross-platform

Support a wide array of device types, form factors, & OS platforms for different user types & use scenarios in your organization.

Unlock new revenue streams

Leverage the power of remote support for embedded devices with TeamViewer Tensor.

Remote versus Tensor

Supercharge your remote workforce with TeamViewer Tensor.

Tensor feature spotlights


Industrial-grade security

Today, enterprises rely heavily on remote connectivity to manage a majority of their IT operations. In addition, the rise of the distributed workforce and the adoption of work-from-home policies have led to a significant dependence on remote access and control capabilities. As a result, security is much more important now.



TeamViewer Professional Services

Unlock the potential of TeamViewer Tensor today

Leverage our expertise in deploying TeamViewer Tensor across your organization. Enable your IT departments to deliver industry-leading support experiences today!

  • Best practices review
  • Admin training
  • License setup
  • User provisioning


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