Apr 23, 2023

Spring Clean Your Business with the new TeamViewer

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  • We’ve all been there – paying for subscriptions and tools you don’t use very much, or at all. This isn’t just an issue for consumers. Businesses often find themselves shelling out for multiple solutions that perform the same functions, too. It is important to keep up with the latest technologies. But you don’t want to waste resources on excess software and processes, either.

    Below, we discuss how spring cleaning your software stack can benefit both you and your entire company.

    What happens without software spring cleaning

    If you don’t review and optimize applications and processes occasionally, software bloat and process bloat can result.  Software bloat is when multiple applications offer the same functionality. If your administrative staff is constantly working overtime, you may have process bloat. Either can result in a laundry list of problems.

    Increased costs

    Paying for multiple software subscriptions with overlapping features wastes resources. Excess costs can add up quickly, straining your budgets.

    Decreased productivity

    Juggling multiple software programs can decrease efficiency as employees waste time navigating and switching between different tools. Productivity and business performance may decline.

    Reduced security

    Having too many software tools, especially outdated or underused ones, can pose a security risk. Because it’s challenging to keep them all up-to-date and secure. The more you install, the greater your vulnerability.

    Ineffective collaboration

    Using too many tools can make collaboration between team members disjointed and confusing. This can lead to miscommunication, lower morale, and inefficiencies that slow down project turnaround times.

    The benefits of a unified solution

    Unified software solutions that combine several tools in one platform and offer single sign-on give you numerous advantages.

    • Cost savings

      Having multiple tools on a single platform reduces subscriptions, saving your company money.

    • Improved productivity

      Streamlining your software suite eliminates wasted time navigating between different programs.

    • Enhanced security

      A unified solution with single sign-on is easier to keep up-to-date and secure.

    • Better collaboration

      A single platform for your team fosters seamless collaboration.

    Introducing the new TeamViewer with single sign-on

    We’re proud to introduce the all-new TeamViewer user experience. This all-new interface and design unites many powerful features inside a central platform with single sign-on. It’s designed to streamline operations and make all your employees more efficient. TeamViewer provides a “single pane of glass” that transforms workflows and gets rid of excess tools and expenses.

    You can even use a powerful asset management solution right from your TeamViewer platform, for instance. Patch management, endpoint protection, and remote access and control are all integrated.  With the new, user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your existing systems, your team will be able to work more efficiently than ever.

    IT support company Back IT Up has increased efficiency dramatically

    As an “external IT department” for a range of companies in Norway, Back IT Up provides collaboration solutions and takes care of support, administrator licenses, and ensures that customer data is secure. TeamViewer let the provider increase its efficiency without compromising customer . In fact, the extra time that TeamViewer freed up allowed service techs to spend more time on each call, making customers even happier.

    • Fuel costs declined by 40%
    • Faster response times
    • Customer satisfaction increased
    • Less overtime
    • More time available for business development and other tasks

    Get started today

    By streamlining your software suite and embracing a single, comprehensive platform like TeamViewer, you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business and staying ahead of the competition.