Founded in 1990, Radius Payment Solutions offers a market leading range of products and services – such as telematics, fuel cards, EV charging and much more – to businesses of all sizes. Operating across 53 offices in 18 countries and serving 300,000 customers globally, Radius is one of the world’s fastest growing companies in its segment.

A global team of 2,500 employees provides products across six core divisions: Radius Fuel Solutions, Telematics, Radius Insurance, Radius Vehicle Solutions, Radius Connect and Radius Chargepoint & Energy.


Radius’ expansion in its product portfolio and markets resulted in the IT team needing to use solutions that could keep up with the demands of an organisation operating at scale. With more than 50,000 processed support tickets per year, the team required a remote support solution that could enable their staff in assisting IT issues across the globe in a scalable and secure manner.

Furthermore, Radius needed a remote support solution that could offer features such as single sign-on (SSO), auditability, as well as a granular control on who could and could not use remote assistance on the organization’s digital end points.

  • Enabling remote support at scale
    Working at scale requires a remote support solution that could offer a secure, enterprise-grade support experience at the click of a button for a workforce that is spread across time zones and geographic locations.
  • Securing remote support experiences
    As Radius continues to scale, ensuring that its IT security posture is strengthened was one of the top priorities in the organisation when it came to choosing the right remote connectivity platform.
  • Integrations with existing IT landscape
    Radius wanted a global player with deep expertise in addition to an ever-growing suite of integrations that could be used seamlessly in existing business critical processes that they could leverage without steep learning curve for its rapidly expanding workforce.

Andy Kinseley Senior Desktops Engineer at Radius

“Normally when we get a new technology, I spend valuable time reading and understanding how to best deploy and implement it. Whereas with the Tensor product, it felt like I was unpacking the solution with TeamViewer.”


The recent implementation of TeamViewer Tensor has enabled Radius to scale and extend remote support to their employees, partners, and customers. Adopting TeamViewer Tensor enabled agility and greater flexibility to the central IT team based in Crewe / UK in assisting its workforce in a quick, easy, and seamless manner.

TeamViewer Tensor now provides the ideal balance of security-first features and functionalities to strengthen Radius’ remote support experiences. The IT team can easily control and regulate user access and event logging to provide a comprehensive audit trail and demonstrate compliance with best practices and legislation. Furthermore, Tensor integrates with the existing IT infrastructure, such as the ticketing platform.

All combined, this helps Radius deliver secure remote support experiences to their employees, customers, and key stakeholders in their value chain.


With TeamViewer, Radius was able to achieve:

  • Support at scale
    Implementing TeamViewer Tensor enabled Radius to enhance their IT assist capabilities across the organisation. The IT Service Desk Analysts each respond to over 50 support requests a day, and over 1,000 requests a week. As it is not possible to address IT issues for all staff on site, TeamViewer Tensor enables the central IT organisation to successfully manage and maintain its IT infrastructure as it continues to expand in size and geographical footprint.
  • Secure and controlled solutions
    TeamViewer offered the right balance of security-first features and functionalities such as SSO for authentication, System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) provisioning in combination to ease of use, auditability and much more. That helped Radius deliver secure remote support experiences to their employees, customers and key stakeholders in their value chain.
  • Seamless integration & professional services
    TeamViewer Tensor, on the one hand, seamlessly integrates with Radius’ ticketing system. On the other hand, Radius leveraged TeamViewer’s experts for professional services to come to a perfect initial deployment of Tensor that took the existing IT processes into account.
  • Expanding possibilities
    TeamViewer Tensor is an indispensable part of Radius’ IT ecosystem, with use cases ranging from classical IT support scenarios such as internal and customer support to newer, emerging use scenarios in the field that involve telematics, and so on.

Tim Browning IT Operations Director at Radius

“Today, TeamViewer Tensor really is a business-critical solution for our company. It is an integral component to our global operations. Without it, we would not be able to provide efficient and effective IT support to our workforce across the world.”