Woman with smart glasses uses Frontline xPick

See your teams pick faster with fewer errors

With vision picking, you don’t have to choose between accuracy or speed. You pick both.

Why vision picking?

Manual order fulfillment is a powerful engine for logistics operations, but customer demand is accelerating. To meet increasing demand, modern technology such as vision picking has the potential to streamline your warehouse operations. Equip your workforce with modern tools that help them pick faster, without compromising on quality.

The reasons to choose vision picking are obvious

Empower your operators with exceptional technological assistance: Vision picking technology powered by TeamViewer Frontline. Guiding operators step-by-step with simple, visual instructions, to:

  • reduce distraction
  • eliminate wasted effort
  • make every second count

See how vision picking works, step by step

Step 1

Begin new order

The associate puts on smart glasses, scans the code on a tote or cart, and immediately sees where to find the first item in the order.

Step 2

See what to pick

When they arrive at the correct shelf, the order quantity and item serial number or picture displays. The only information they need for the current step is in their view.

Step 3

Verify each pick

Oops! As the associate is picking, they accidentally scan an incorrect item.


No worries. With TeamViewer, the software notifies them in real time so they can fix the mistake immediately.

Step 4

Avoid delays

The employee needs to start their lunch break before they can complete the order.


Easy. They initiate an early deposit and leave the order in a designated area. The system assigns it to another available team member, who picks up where the first associate left off.

Step 5

Get instant support

Uh-oh. The next item is a short pick — not enough items are in reach.


No big deal. Using voice command, the associate requests replenishment, and continues picking while a supervisor resolves the issue immediately.

Step 6

Complete order

Since continuous quality assurance is verified at every pick, we are confident it's accurate. The system automatically prints a complete shipping label, and the order is staged for delivery.

Step 7

Begin again

The associate scans a new tote, and another order is on its way to fast, accurate fulfillment.

Key benefits of vision picking

Benefits beyond picking

Alongside manual order picking, TeamViewer Frontline and its vision picking solution xPick support other operations tied to logistics, including:

  • shipping and receiving
  • packing and sorting
  • inventory control
  • cycle counting
  • kitting & sequencing
  • assembly support
  • site auditing
  • digital inspections

Implementing our vision picking solution in your warehouse is easier than you may think