Frontline worker maintaining car with AR assistance

Hands-free augmented reality (AR) solution for the automotive industry

Industry tailored solutions for your most pressing challenges across the entire value chain

  • Empower your frontline workforce
  • Drive efficiency
  • Enhance productivity

Digitalization at your fingertips with TeamViewer Frontline

Technological advancements are rapidly transforming the automotive industry. New capabilities such as autonomous driving and electric drivetrains are helping power the shift to shared-economy business models and behaviors including subscriptions as well as car- and ride-sharing.

These changes affect both upstream and downstream operations and represent a clear call for re-orientation and re-alignment of the entire value chain – from the existing manufacturing processes to the value-add between OEMs, suppliers, and dealers.

Frontline named best automotive solution

TeamViewer Frontline has been recognized for its superior capabilities supporting the automotive sector with:

  • Productivity gains
  • Time savings
  • Quality enhancements
ABI Research paper

Automotive sector complexities and the role of augmented reality

Here's how TeamViewer's AR solution will make sure your company is ready for this transformation

TeamViewer Frontline is a fully integrated productivity solution platform. It improves work efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of the automotive industry workforce – for those who work outside the office and away from desks.

Logistics excellence – transform your logistics processes with vision picking

  • Use the power of AR for a multitude of logistics processes such as order picking, kitting, sequencing, and more
  • Visually guide workers through processes and eliminate room for errors
  • Support JIT and JIS delivery to feed your production line
  • Connect to your backend systems and synch information in real-time

Operational precision – optimize your operations to deliver maximum productivity

  • Enable workers to work hands-free with wearables
  • Support your workers with visual information like digital assembly instructions
  • Integrate quality assurance steps into your workflows
  • Improve frontline workers’ efficiency and accuracy with better knowledge transfer and guidance using AR

Efficient collaboration – digitalize and augment key business processes between OEMs, dealers, and suppliers to increase efficiency

  • With AR-based remote support, service technicians can receive step-by-step guidance and real-time expert support
  • Discuss goodwill / claim requests directly and process them faster
  • Conferences between manufacturer, importer or national company, and workshop
  • Remote support of the diagnostic computers
  • Investigation of serial damage to avoid recalls

So, how do you know if TeamViewer Frontline is the right platform for your company?

Whether you are looking for a solution for your in-house factory operations or want to increase productivity for local dealerships, here are a few ways you could improve operations:

  • Training

    TeamViewer’s AR system provides a solution that is easily adaptable for the remote training of groups. The trainee has a hands-on experience that can be monitored and guided remotely by the trainer. These programs cut down on the time away from the dealer and the overall cost of training.

  • Warranty

    Equipped with smart glasses and TeamViewer Frontline, your employees can easily take a photo of a part that needs replacing and automatically send it for review. Many dealers lack computers for technicians so eliminating waiting time solves a big pain point.

  • Repairs & maintenance

    We enhance service technician productivity and retention by offering real-time remote connectivity via wearables. By leveraging TeamViewer's AR software and smart glasses, the remote support center can see what the technician is seeing and address many problems and approvals in real-time.

Why choose TeamViewer Frontline?

Leading organizations across the world trust Frontline to deliver mission-critical applications for their teams in the field.

Improving automotive operations with augmented reality (AR) solutions

Frontline gives automotive companies the real-time info and critical knowledge they need to detect and solve issues – fast.