Warehouse employee supported with AR Vision Picking

Embrace the power of smart glasses for enhanced efficiency and real-time insights

Meeting rising demands with precision and speed

As order volumes increase and cost pressure soars, logistics performance is required to meet the increasing demand, while ensuring products arrive on time and are of the highest quality. But manual, low-tech processes are the status quo. That’s where mistakes happen, and time is lost. Vision picking and wearables such as smart glasses provide a way of streamlining these processes.

Wearables and warehousing — a match made in heaven

How do wearables like smart glasses support logistics operations? The glasses’ display projects relevant picking information directly into the operator’s line of sight. This principle is known as assisted reality. The smart glasses allow the picker to see both the projection and the warehouse environment, enabling them to focus on the task without losing sight of their surroundings.

People take in 80% of all information through their eyes. Vision picking therefore uses one of the most effective ways of transporting information.

What benefits do smart glasses deliver

  • Improve mobility and ergonomics

    Don’t bind your employees to stationery or bulky devices. Give them body-worn, on-the-go tools that allow them to move around freely.

  • Increase productive focus

    Losing focus leads to errors or accidents. With smart glasses, all information is available at the blink of an eye, keeping your workforce focused on the job at all times.

  • Make information accessible

    Smart glasses make information available at all times, right in the field of view. With all relevant information available when they need it, operators can work more efficiently and productively.

Verification via voice

Voice control ensures flexible confirmation

Combining confirmation methods from several picking methods, our vision picking solution xPick brings the flexibility you need to match your processes.

As xPick is fully speech enabled, employees can navigate the solution simply by using their voice. This makes quantity confirmations or corrections and similar processes more time-efficient than ever.

Verification via scan

Bundle up with a scanner for high-speed verification

When barcodes are central to your processes, we recommend pairing smart glasses with a Bluetooth scanner. Mounted on a ring or on the back of the operator’s hand, they eliminate the need to carry a bulky handheld scanner, freeing the operator’s hands, while enabling instant barcode scanning.

One thing to keep in mind: all smart glasses and scanner combinations are fully flexible and tailored to create a perfect match for your logistics processes.

Flexibly mix and match hardware to find the perfect fit for your warehouse

Only smart glasses

Smart glasses and scanner

Mobile or other wearables

Verification via RFID

Confirmation on-the-go

What if you no longer needed an active confirmation process? This is where RFID technology comes in. If an AR solution is paired with an RFID band via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, even bigger achievements are possible in terms of efficiency and reduction of mistakes.

In this context, the automatic scan of RFID tags comes into play. The moment something is grabbed out of or put into a box, it is checked by default if it is the correct object. An acoustic or haptic signal is sent for confirmation or in case of errors. The band can be worn comfortably on the wrist.

Breaking barriers

Smart glasses and prescription lenses

The rising demand for digital solutions to optimize work processes and boost productivity is undeniable. However, smart glasses' widespread adoption faced a significant obstacle in the past for employees needing prescription lenses.

A groundbreaking partnership between TeamViewer and Fielmann eliminates this barrier. Our exclusive offering combines smart glasses with prescription lenses, enabling enterprise AR for all employees. Experience the market's only comprehensive solution where augmented reality expertise and ophthalmic knowledge converge.

Strong partnerships

Stay flexible and adjust vision picking to your needs

We are continuously building on our extensive expertise to provide our vision picking solution for industry-leading smart glasses and wearables. Close and intensive partnerships with leading manufacturers like Vuzix and RealWear enable a comprehensive selection of ergonomic wearables for logistics that boost performance in your supply chain.

This doesn’t only guarantee that you will find the perfect fit for your current process, but also makes our vision picking solution future-proof. By partnering up with market leading providers, our solution stays ahead of the game.

Heads up: This is the future of warehousing

  • Smart glasses in logistics: an ergonomic personal assistant for your workers

    Equipping your operators with vision picking technology frees their hands from bulky devices and frees their mind from navigating complex menus, struggling to find the right information. Unnecessary mistakes and travel become a thing of the past. While the mental load decreases, the body-worn tech lessens the impact on hands and arms as well as the head and neck area from constantly looking down on handheld devices.

  • Supporting warehouse safety

    Implementing vision picking does not only come with business benefits such as increased efficiency and error reduction, but it also holds potential to increase workplace safety. The solution can display safety-relevant information, e.g., regulations concerning required protective equipment or warnings concerning heavy or bulky items. On top of that, body-worn devices improve ergonomics and reduce safety risks, e.g., when grabbing a product from a high shelf.

  • Make your warehouse a modern workplace

    A survey carried out by the market research company PSB shows that 82% of millennials prefer an advanced technical environment at work and it has an impact on their choice of workplace. By using wearables, your company gains an attractive and innovative image, especially for the target group of young professionals. Advantages such as improved ergonomics further enhance the attractivity of your company for future employees.

Vision Picking FAQ: Your top questions answered

AR is a technology that overlays digital information onto the real world through mobile devices or, even more efficiently, through smart glasses. Logistics processes benefit tremendously from AR as it provides real-time information and instructions to warehouse workers and seamlessly integrates confirmation steps, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Vision picking can bring significant benefits to a wide range of businesses and industries. All industries that involve warehousing, order fulfillment, and logistics operations can benefit from vision picking in particular, including logistics services, manufacturing companies, and FMCG. Moreover, in logistics processes that include small to medium sized items, a lot of manual labor, fast moving and highly diverse items, vision picking achieves significant advantages.

The primary equipment are smart glasses, which are worn by operators to enable the vision picking process. In cases with high picking intensity, scanners can be added.  It is essential to choose industrial-grade hardware designed for full shift usage with features like hot swappable batteries, as this can further enhance operational efficiency.  Overall, the implementation of vision picking does not require infrastructure modifications within your warehouse but adapts to existing structures.

Do you have more questions about vision picking? See the full FAQ page to learn more.

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