North West London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) comprises of eight CCGs and 350 General Practices (GPs) across the North West of London. Maintaining and securing the core infrastructure across these sites is not easy, especially with a service desk team of around fifteen and tight budgets in the public sector.

The NHS NW London CCG needed a remote connectivity tool that offered instant access to servers and devices while being fully compliant with the strong regulations for hospital IT. 


The NHS team faced different challenges including:

  • Covering a large area and multiple locations with limited resources and budget cuts
  • The demand for increased levels of cybersecurity to protect sensitive personal identifiable information (PII), combined with IT support that was simple and accessible for less technical employees
  • The requirement for the central management of different IT-infrastructures to keep electronic medical records (EMR) accessible at any time


With TeamViewer Tensor, the NHS can access and manage servers at the click of a button. Allowing sites and practices across North West London to keep on working without IT disruptions or needing technicians on-site. TeamViewer Tensor ticked all the boxes for the NHS compliance and protocols, making it the number one option for the organization.

Raj Tarafder Senior Service Desk Analyst at NHS NW London CCG

“Cybersecurity and keeping our network safe from malicious actors are a key concern for us. With TeamViewer Tensor, we have the ability to centrally manage and patch connected devices, as well as respond quickly to cyber security incidents. This is invaluable as we strive to protect our employees, patients and provide the best care possible.”