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TeamViewer remote access for iPhone and iPad

TeamViewer Remote allows iPhone and iPad users to access their devices from another PC, smartphone, or tablet, no matter where they are. 

Remote access setup as seen in the TeamViewer Remote client

TeamViewer for iOS

Remote access for your iPhone and iPad

TeamViewer Remote’s comprehensive, cross-platform approach doesn’t restrict your remote access to just iOS and macOS devices, it works on almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows and Android. Get started with TeamViewer Remote for iOS today and leverage its powerful features to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Download the TeamViewer Remote apps now and enjoy secure, encrypted remote access for your iPhone or iPad.

The advantages of iOS remote access with TeamViewer

  • Cutting-edge technology for iPad and iPhone

    TeamViewer for iOS is always at the forefront of remote desktop technology and was the first provider to offer iOS screen sharing.

  • Configure iOS devices remotely

    Push Wi-Fi settings to iOS devices in seconds, import iOS configuration profiles, or uninstall unauthorized apps on iPhones or iPads.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Your iPhone remote access is secured by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and other high-end security features.

  • Enhanced iOS remote support

    With the mobile device add-on for TeamViewer Remote, you can provide iOS support through secure desktop-to-iPhone or desktop-to-iPad connections.

Go beyond Switch Control with TeamViewer’s powerful remote access for more than Macs

With Switch Control, you can easily connect your iPhone or iPad to another Apple device. However, the feature only works if your iPhone or iPad and the target device are logged in under the same Apple ID on the same Wi-Fi network. So if you find controlling other nearby devices useful, why not go one step further and download an app that delivers true remote access for your iPhone or iPad?

The TeamViewer app lets you access your other Apple devices wherever they are. So you can be on holiday and still control your Mac at home; there’s no need for it to be on the same Wi-Fi network or logged in with the same Apple ID. And that’s not all, with TeamViewer, you will be able to enjoy a secure remote desktop connection from your iPhone or iPad to any PC, mobile, or tablet running Windows, Linux, or Android too.

Access any computer securely from your iPhone or iPad

Get access to your computer from your iPhone or iPad with TeamViewer for iOS — without having to carry a laptop around. Whether you need to work on the go, troubleshoot a problem with an iOS device, or collaborate with others, TeamViewer Remote can help you do it securely and effectively.