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Supercharge your service delivery across IT and OT: Reduce incident handling times in IT, eliminate downtimes of equipment, or improve logistics and manufacturing processes — all with TeamViewer.

Remote access and support with the TeamViewer client

TeamViewer delivers scalable IT and OT solutions designed specifically for enterprises

Enterprise challenges for borderless offices and outsourced partnerships

  • Fast remote support for all embedded devices

    To meet the demands of increasing reliance on digital platforms and services, distance should be no object. Embedded devices are the heartbeat of modern enterprises. When they falter, operations can come to a grinding halt. This makes TeamViewer’s swift and reliable remote support essential for enterprise businesses.

  • Scalability without compromising security

    As businesses expand their global footprint, they encounter issues such as managing distributed workforces and ensuring stringent security measures — among others. Every larger business must protect itself against potential cyber threats, data breaches, and unauthorized access. Scaling operations while ensuring optimal data security is paramount.

  • Efficient resource allocation

    For enterprises, resources are investments. Every investment must prove its ROI to demonstrate value. The challenge for larger businesses comes in appropriate resource distribution. TeamViewer can help allocate this proficiently.

  • Time-saving shortcuts to reduce downtime

    From technical glitches to inefficient support mechanisms, businesses that suffer from operational inefficiencies run the risk of losing money. Ensuring consistent uptime through swift resolutions and robust prevention technologies is critical for enterprises today.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Provide IT support instantly, irrespective of geographical barriers
  • Considerably reduce overheads associated with travel for on-site support or meetings
  • Minimize operational disruptions with faster device issue resolutions
  • Ensure user privacy and guard against unauthorized access as per company policy
  • Seamlessly manage a myriad of remote devices with a singular, intuitive platform

Harnessing a broad array of functions, TeamViewer amplifies the momentum of major corporations.

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Overcoming the challenges for directors, larger businesses, and IT Support

Immediate support

Time equals money in the corporate world. Delays in support can have cascading effects on productivity, client satisfaction, and revenue. With TeamViewer's instant remote access, support solution companies can provide support to their customers and stakeholders across their value chain round the clock without geographical limitations, ensuring no operational aspect is left hanging.

Connection security

Cyberattacks are evolving, and so should security. Secure connections are non-negotiable. Tensor comes built with end-to-end cutting-edge encryption and security protocols, ensuring peace of mind with every connection. Our solution prevents unauthorized access and ensures the protection of sensitive data to only those who are authorized.


Distributed workforce management

A globalized workforce brings diversity but also management and security challenges. Using multiple devices poses a threat, where consistency and collaboration can become hurdles. Tensor acts as a unifying thread, streamlining processes, communications, and support for distributed teams.

Smoothening onboarding and training

For larger businesses, training and learning processes are mandatory to ensure a seamless onboarding experience — vital for both the new starter and for operations efficiency. TeamViewer’s remote access and control solutions allow trainers and support staff to provide real-time assistance to their new employees — from configuring software to providing virtual workshops — allowing direct interaction despite the geographical distance. These sessions can also be screen recorded and stored for reference, through the remote control solution. The learning continues even when the lesson is over.

Seamless collaborations

From internal teams to third-party, collaborations are essential for larger businesses to expand at a manageable rate. But without the right tools, it can lead to operational chaos. TeamViewer ensures third-party collaborators work in harmony with internal teams and shared files, without compromising on security. With conditional access and managed devices, your large business can maintain robust access controls. Sensitive and confidential files are safeguarded from security breaches.

Encouraging scalability

As businesses expand their global reach, the complications of balancing geographical barriers and time zones with stringent security measures and proactive workforces can surface. TeamViewer helps larger enterprises embrace remote and hybrid working arrangements by creating an environment where necessary resources and systems can be accessed from anywhere. This fosters productivity, whilst maintaining on-hand troubleshooting and optimal data security measures.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Embrace the vast horizons of large-scale businesses with TeamViewer, catalyzing collaborations across borders, refining sophisticated processes, and heightening the benchmark for client and customer engagement.


Why choose TeamViewer?


Cyber threats are relentless. But with TeamViewer's state-of-the-art security features, enterprises always stay one step ahead.


Whether you're a budding enterprise or a global conglomerate, TeamViewer Tensor adapts and delivers consistently.


In a world of stringent regulations, TeamViewer ensures you're always on the right side of the law, irrespective of your operational scale or region.