The story in a nutshell

  • US-based Electra-Media, Inc (EMI) is a digital signage powerhouse, specializing in iconic freestanding outdoor displays
  • EMI boasts over 126 digital outdoor signs catering for 324 clients across the nation
  • Previously, each sign required manual operations by mobile technicians who physically visited each location to address problems
  • With TeamViewer Remote, EMI has its clients covered with ongoing maintenance, programming service, content delivery and future sign upgrades
  • EMI now remedies front-end and back-end issues, transfers files and manages content schedules faster than before


Electra-Media, Inc. (EMI), a US-based leading force in digital outdoor signage, grappled with excessive on-site support costs and managing content remotely. Now, with TeamViewer, EMI swiftly delivers live content updates and troubleshoots issues through a single remote login for high-profile displays such as LA Coliseum and BMO Stadium.


Displays are only as effective as their content, the maintenance, and the project management behind them. EMI, with high-profile clients across California and almost a 40-year commitment to excellence, faced challenges in managing its digital signs effectively.

Each sign featured a distinct processor and configuration. Addressing issues or updating content demanded technicians spending hours physically visiting sites, often dedicating an average of four to five hours to travel plus the same time for the on-site resolution. A time-consuming and expensive process, which hindered EMI’s growth and its renowned customer support.


To cut costs and have its teams focus on working instead of commuting, EMI turned to TeamViewer. With our remote access product, EMI's team members could now troubleshoot issues and update content from anywhere and help clients noticeably quicker, while avoiding unnecessary travels and save on carbon emissions. By getting instant access to the displays data, real-time analytics allowed EMI to see the performance of each advertising campaign.

Christy McEwen Director of Digital Media & Marketing at EMI

“Through the implementation of TeamViewer, we were able to substantially reduce our technician travel time and labor costs, resulting in an annual savings of over six figures. We passed on these savings directly to our customers, ensuring that they benefit from our increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”


Adopting TeamViewer Remote helped EMI reduce costs and expediate customer service for their clients. The company saved over six figures a year by reducing technician travel and labor costs, passing that value onto their customers by reallocating resources to focus on creative campaigns, client collaboration, and new business ventures.

Thanks to TeamViewer, EMI’s presence now spans across Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, Georgia, and beyond, with exciting plans for further expansion. All made possible by a single, secure login via TeamViewer.


5 hours of on-site travel and technician time cut to nearly zero

5 digit monthly savings on technical issues

5 years of business expansion, helped by a flexible remote workforce