16 gru 2020

TeamViewer Celebrates Its 15-Year Anniversary

Göppingen, December 16, 2020 – TeamViewer, one of the few success stories in the European software industry, celebrates its 15th anniversary this week.

The technology company from the Swabian town of Göppingen, Germany, with locations worldwide, offers software that allows you to connect devices of all kinds with each other and thus access and work on them remotely. What at first sounds simple, is based on a global connectivity platform and an infrastructure that is as powerful as it is flexible.

“The core of our success is bridging distance and the ability to provide immediate and uncomplicated help with our software – whether it’s IT problems among friends or malfunctions of complex machines and systems in a business context,” says TeamViewer CEO Oliver Steil. “TeamViewer runs on almost any device, from smartphones to industrial robots – on all relevant operating systems. This universal applicability is unique and the basis for the digitalization of work processes in all industries and companies of all sizes.”

To date, TeamViewer has been installed more than 2.5 billion times on devices worldwide. TeamViewer now has more than 560,000 paying subscription customers – the software is still free for private use.

How it all began…

Founded in 2005, TeamViewer quickly gained widespread popularity with its eponymous software. In order to reduce travel to customers and to be able to present quality management software remotely, the founder of Rossmanith GmbH developed the TeamViewer remote sharing software. It quickly became clear the potential the software had because customers often showed great interest in TeamViewer immediately after the presentations. Based on this interest, this division was spun off into a separate company. From then on, things grew quickly – worldwide expansion, constant further development of the software and new products, e.g. in the area of augmented reality and the Internet of Things, explicit solutions for major customers, conversion to a subscription model and enormous growth with simultaneous profitability – a rare combination.

TeamViewer has been acquired twice: first by GFI Software SA in 2009. Then in 2014 by private equity firm Permira, which took TeamViewer public in 2019 for a billion-dollar valuation and as the largest European IPO of the year. The company quickly rose to the MDAX and in 2020 in turn made the first acquisition in the company’s history: With the Bremen-based startup Ubimax, TeamViewer strengthened itself with specialists in the field of wearable computing and augmented reality software for skilled workers in industry.

In 2020, the company also intensified its cooperation with numerous major tech players such as Microsoft, Salesforce and ServiceNow, in whose applications TeamViewer is integrated.

What the future brings…

Today TeamViewer is working on the next chapter of its success story with about 1,300 employees worldwide. “On the one hand, Augmented Reality will reach the mass market. It is our goal to make this technology usable for everyone. On the other hand, we will link Augmented Reality primarily with the Internet of Things (IoT) and provide specific solutions for digitalization in all industries. For example, for manufacturing & production, for logistics or customer service,” says Oliver Steil about the plans for the next few years. “In doing so, we will be guided by our long-standing cornerstones: real added value for customers, easy usability of our solutions and, of course, focus on data protection and IT security.