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Digital screens are quickly becoming the preferred way of displaying advertising, wayfinding, information, and entertainment. Digital displays and signage are increasingly being used in restaurants, hospitals, museums, transport hubs, retail, stadiums, and hotels to enhance the customer and visitor experience.

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Digital displays are all about getting the right message in front of the right people, at the right time. As businesses continue to grow their global footprint, it is crucial to access displays easily and efficiently. The platform-agnostic, mobile-friendly TeamViewer solution for digital displays is easy to use for anyone: marketing, maintenance, and business owners alike.

The benefits of digital signage remote management

Remote management is a key feature of digital signage that enables administrators to control and update displays from anywhere, anytime. Using feature-rich digital signage software such as TeamViewer Tensor, you easily oversee your digital signage system, managing multiple screens in various locations from a centralized dashboard.

TeamViewer Tensor’s intuitive UI allows essential stakeholders to publish, amend, or replace playlists, always keeping your digital messaging up to date. What’s more, you can successfully schedule and deliver relevant images, videos, and content to the right audience at the right time.

No matter if your digital signage runs on Android or iOS, software updates are executed in the background to minimize any possible screen downtime. And if a screen is not working correctly, you can troubleshoot problems remotely without the need for physical visits.

With a digital signage solution, you enjoy better reporting on performance and display metrics as well as improved auditing. The system logs and reports all relevant actions during remote control sessions as well as activities performed at the management console level.

Why choose TeamViewer Tensor as your digital signage solution?

TeamViewer Tensor is a cloud-based enterprise connectivity platform that provides remote control and management solutions for all devices in an organization.

TeamViewer Tensor helps with digital signage management by offering device-agnostic connectivity and productivity that integrates with many popular platforms used by corporates.

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Frequently asked questions about digital signage software

Unlike their analogue counterparts, digital screens and signage are much more flexible, with the ability to display videos and even be interactive. With digital signage, you display current special offers, change daily menus, or update maps at the touch of a button — no need to produce or reprint expensive billboards, banners, or posters.

Remote screen management will transform the way you administer your digital signage systems, particularly if screens are located across multiple locations. Here is where a remote access control management solution such as TeamViewer Tensor comes into play. We can help manage digital signage systems by enabling dedicated teams to take care of digital signage in an organization.

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