The story at a glance

  • Hartree provides deep insight and expertise to enterprise-level, national and multi-national customers globally and has over 600 employees working remotely across the globe.
  • TeamViewer Tensor provides Hartree with a seamless, secure, and scalable remote support and access solution for resolving IT issues for its employees in real-time.
  • TeamViewer Tensor enables Hartree’s IT team to quickly deploy and securely install computers out-of-the-box while adhering to the company’s security requirements.
  • TeamViewer Tensor empowers employees to do their best work in a secure and compliant manner while balancing the needs of a remote, mobile workforce.


Hartree is a global energy and commodities firm at the forefront of finding investment solutions, consulting, and generating sustainable and commercially viable strategies for energy renewal and regeneration. Starting as a small energy trading company in 1997, Hartree has exponentially grown into a global firm with over 100 accomplished traders in more than 20 business lines. Hartree Partners works collectively to provide deep insight and expertise to enterprise-level, national and multi-national customers.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hartree had about 350 employees, with only 50 of them working remotely, which they successfully managed with TeamViewer Corporate. In 2020, Hartree saw a dramatic increase in the demand for its services and began hiring new employees to grow its business. Once the pandemic hit, the company was forced to quickly pivot all its business operations to be fully remote.

In just one week, the number of remote workers at Hartree grew from 50 to over 600 employees. This presented a major challenge for Hartree’s IT support team to ensure that employees were able to securely transition to remote work in a seamless manner without slowing down business operations.

Brett Sklar Head of IT at Hartree

“TeamViewer enables us to give 24/7 employee support. It gave us a unique, hands-on capability that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise with remote work.”


Upgrading to TeamViewer Tensor was the ideal choice for Hartree to meet the challenges presented by this sudden growth. TeamViewer Tensor enabled Hartree to have a secure, scalable remote connectivity solution that helped their IT department provide effective, efficient and real-time support while ensuring their employees could securely access and remotely work from their home office or while on the move.

Hartree found TeamViewer Tensor to be an easily scalable enterprise remote connectivity platform that is practical and dependable for all their IT needs. Hartree IT managers can now safely and securely deploy office and home computers to their employees anywhere in the world because of TeamViewer Tensor's secure remote access, control, and support capabilities. This quick and secure access allows Hartree to minimize the amount of time needed to resolve troubleshooting issues while supporting its employees.

“TeamViewer was pivotal to us going remote and being able to expand during the early COVID years,” said Brett Sklar, Global Desktop Support Manager at Hartree. “We should have switched sooner. Once we saw the capabilities and overall performance of the product, we realized it was the perfect fit for our company.”


TeamViewer Tensor allows Hartree’s IT team to quickly deploy and securely install computers out-of-the-box while adhering to the company’s stringent security policies and requirements. The solution facilitates the company’s rapid growth by enabling IT to assist multiple users simultaneously using a unified dashboard interface. It is used by 15 offices globally to deploy office and home PCs so employees can be empowered to continue doing their best work remotely.

The bottom line: TeamViewer helps Hartree employees maximize productivity and minimize downtime by enabling remote connectivity throughout the entire organization. As the company has developed and scaled, TeamViewer has been able to adapt to the complex and shifting needs of its business. Hartree IT support can now remotely access and troubleshoot problems with its employees anywhere at any time.

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