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Our TeamViewer Frontline partner ecosystem

With our extensive partner ecosystem, we jointly drive innovative solutions, creating deeper integrations, and ensure seamless implementation and customer support.

Our relationships for your success

TeamViewer's network of partners plays a crucial role in strengthening our platform, fostering innovation, supporting customers, and delivering effective solutions across various industries.

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Strategic alliances

Our strategic partnerships with industry giants like SAP, Microsoft, Siemens, Microsoft, and Google Cloud are instrumental in driving innovation and value for our customers. This expansive network enables seamless integration of Frontline with existing backend systems and drives joint technological advancements.

Hardware partners and collaborations

By developing and supplying the latest wearable computing devices and accessories, our hardware partners ensure the success of our customer projects.

Sales and service partners

Our sales and service partners support you in the selection, implementation and customization of TeamViewer Frontline solutions. In this way, your individual requirements can be optimally met. Service and support are provided during operation. Due to our global partner landscape the matching contact persons are never far away.

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Join our global TeamViewer TeamUP Partner Program. Together we will expand your opportunities and increase wins.

Shaping the future

Research partners

To stay ahead of the innovation curve, research is the way to go. In cooperation with various research institutions and partners we are looking at a large number of joint innovation projects to constantly challenge the status quo, and with that creating better customer experiences for a better, digital future.

Assistance systems supported by artificial intelligence foster vocational rehabilitation

KI.ASSIST (“AI.ASSIST”) research project successfully evaluates assistance systems supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the occupational participation of people with various disabilities.