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Research projects

Together with our partners from research and industry, we are reshaping the future of augmented reality and wearable computing. Find out more about our numerous international research projects below.

Smart retail through digitization – Knowledge4Retail

The research project Knowledge4Retail targets the goal of merging digital and stationary retail, achieving a transfer of technology and knowledge to medium-sized retail businesses, and establishing a new generation of information systems for retail and its supply chains as a digital innovation platform and ecosystem.

Knowledge Transfer 4.0 – SerWiss

In the course of the research project SerWiss, which is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, a platform for digitized service processes and more efficient knowledge transfer is to be created with the help of TeamViewer Frontline.

Industrial personalized assistance systems - PersonA

The aim of PersonA is to develop a privacy management system for personal and sensitive data used in digital assistance systems. By using the system, long-term efficiency in manufacturing and service processes is to be increased.

Sustainable ecosystem for ports in the EU – Portforward

PortForward develops smart ICT solutions to improve overall collaboration within the port and its workers, e.g. for finetuning freight flows. TeamViewer provides a remote assistance tool and an AR-based pilot system into the PortForward platform. This will lead to faster maintenance works, enable remote decision making and make the navigation of ships within the port safer. The implemented solutions will not only be eco-friendlier but create new opportunities of connecting the whole port infrastructure.

Strengthen caregivers through digital assistance – Digitaler Engel

Nurses in particular have a special responsibility to provide distinctive and individual interaction in their contact with and care of their patients. By using digital assistance systems, the project DigitalerEngel aims to facilitate the everyday exercise of emotional work (considering own emotions) and emotional work (considering the patient’s feelings) and to reduce the associated strain on the nursing staff.